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Evolved Mommy | September 17, 2019

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iPhone 5 Annoucement Recap - Evolved Mommy

After letting the dust settle in my head following the  iPhone 5 announcement here are my key takeaways.

If you’re pressed for time: It’s faster with longer battery life, and a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC camera (plus a few other interesting features). Read on for more info, including price, when to order, and my half-witted attempt to keep up with the big boys in tech.

iPhone 5 Features

3 Mics

Why? The one on the back cancels background noise. The other two are on the top and bottom.

3 mics on iPhone 5



iPhone 5 camera pixels

Panorama – This is a novelty, but a really cool one.

iphone 5 panorama

How to use the Panorama:

how to iphone 5 panoramic pictures

Crystal lens – this hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but according to my friend Anthony Disney crystal lenses are virtually unscratchable. For some of us this will result in a huge improvement in picture quality.


Android users will tell you that the LTE network is amazing but it guzzles battery like hummer guzzles gas. According to Apple the battery in the new iPhone handles LTE as if it were nothing. 8 hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of wifi browsing and 225 hours of stand-by time. Fingers crossed on this one.


Bigger screen, smaller home button just like the rumors predicted. Also, it is a bigger phone in general. Apple says this is to make it fit more correctly in your hand. I sure hope so because I for realz have pain in my thumbs after too much time on the iPhone.


Is fast.

Connector/Charging Port

The new charging port is called a Lightening connector. Fancy.

Yes, this means you’ll need an adaptor to use the 5,000 chargers you have laying around your house. It doesn’t look like an adaptor will be included with iPhone 5, so you’re on your own.

The new port is going to make using your iHome radio (and the like) a pain in the arse in my opinion.

Apple seemed very excited that the connector is reversible. Ok. Thanks for that?

iPhone 5 new connector, lightening connector, reversible connector

iOS 6


Turn-by-turn directions (for the next time you find yourself in NYC with other directionally challenged friends like Amy James)
Satellite imagery – this is where Google Maps gets owned
iphone 5 satellite map in gps

Facebook & Twitter in the notification center

This means when you have something urgent to tell the world you just swipe down from the home screen (bringing up your notification center) and hit the “tap to tweet” or “tap to post” buttons.


Facebook posts from Siri

Apple claims Siri is smarter in iOS 6 – she and I don’t always get along, so we don’t talk often.

Ordering info


Order date

iphone 5 order date

Ship date

iphone 5 ordering info


iphone 5 price

Old iPhone Prices


Other announcements today:

New iTunes

This is where I started to get bored.

New App Store design w/ Facebook integrated Likes

Ok. I can figure that out on my own. Thanks. Can I have 15 minutes of my life back now?

iPod Nano

It’s so cute

Multi-touch/Pretty colors

New iPod Nano colors


Bluetooth – stream straight to your car (if you have a newer, fancier car than I do)

“The Nano looks so cool. Even though it isn’t really Nano anymore.” – Josh Clemence watching the live blog

iPod Touch

(in case you give your toddler expensive gadgets like we do) *sigh*

“It’s the world’s most popular player, but also the most popular game device.”

Almost as thin as the Nano

Same display as iPhone5

WTF is the Clumsy Ninja? Why did they give it so much attention?

I’m not a huge iPod fan because I am not a huge music consumer. I just use my iPhone as my media player, so I was very distracted during this part of the keynote, and eventually just wandered off…