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Evolved Mommy | October 17, 2019

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iPhoneography 101 - Evolved Mommy

iPhoneography 101
Stephanie Funk

Photo provided by Leslie Chang

If you are like many Moms most of the photos you take of your children are with your phone.   You may get a lucky shot once in a while that turns out beautifully, but most probably fall into the category of a cute shot that may be a little blurry or dark. With a few pointers you can use your phone to make the majority of the photos you take look more like the “lucky shots” you get once in a while without knowing how or why.   The iPhone in particular has a very powerful camera is capable of taking gorgeous photos.

Leslie Chang from Binkies +  Noseprints {Photography} is an architect turned portrait photographer who spent an entire year taking at least a photo a day with her iPhone.  Most who look at her stunning images are surprised to learn that they were taken with her iPhone rather than her professional grade camera.  Leslie’s year of iPhoneography made her an expert and she spilled her secrets to help the rest of us get the great results with our iPhone’s camera.

The first thing to consider when taking a photo with your phone is to think about what you are trying to record.  Is there a story you are trying to tell?  Is there moment you want to capture?  Think about what is compelling you to take out your iPhone.  Pausing for a moment to think about how you can frame your photo to capture what you want or wait for the perfect moment to snap will vastly improve your photos.  For instance, if you want to capture the love your daughter has for baby doll don’t simply take a photo the moment she picks up her baby, but wait for her to hug or kiss the doll before snapping a photo.


Photo provided by Leslie Chang

Most stunning photos have been edited and iPhone photos are no different.  Apps and editing are part of the fun of iPhoneography since so many options are available to help achieve just about any look you can imagine from vintage to light and airy.  Leslie’s favorite app is Camera+ because it is very versatile and easy to use. She also likes Hipstamatic, Snapseed and PicTapGo for adding filters to give photos the final look you want, including adding borders and text.

To help eliminate blurry and dark photos tap your iPhone screen where you want the phone to focus and wait for a yellow box to appear to lock in focus and exposure.   If you are taking a photo of a person tap the screen over the person’s face, if it is a flower in a garden tap the flower on which you are focusing.  This simple tap will instantly improve your photos by overriding your iPhone’s guess about what you photographing.

If you feel limited by what your iPhone’s camera can do compared to a “regular” camera consider an Olloclip.   This Olloclip is a small 3-in-1 (macro/close-up, wide angle, fisheye/super wide angle 3-in-1) lens attachment for iPhone that can dramatically change the kinds of photos you can get with your iPhone, from capturing a lifestyle photo showing your child in her surroundings using the wide angle feature to capturing small details like eyelashes and bugs with the macro lens.


Photo provided by Leslie Chang

With summer coming waterproof housing is a good investment for your iPhone.  Watershot is great choice if you want photos at the beach, by the pool, or even underwater.  Watershot has a custom app with various features and a bezel that can be used to attach a variety of lenses.

If you take a lot of selfies, or want to get in some photos with your kids, affordable (under $30.00) Joby Gorillapod Griptight is a good choice that fits in a pocket or purse.  The Joby Gorillapod twists and turns to allow you to place your iPhone just about anywhere, from table-top to a tree branch, to get yourself in a photo.  Gorillpod has a free app with self-timer that can take single shots or busts of photos along with some other neat features.

Since your iPhone is likely on you all the time, a little practice will help you capture frame-worthy photos at a moment’s notice.

Author Bio:

Jamie Davis Smith is a contributor for the Huffington Post and Shutterfly. She lives in Washington D.C. and loves to explore the greater D.C. area with her three young children and documents everything with her ever-present camera.