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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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iPhoneography | iPhone Photography Tips (Pt. 2) - Evolved Mommy

To read part one, where we learned the pro-iphonography one-hand-hold technique, click here.

More iPhoneography iPhone Photography Tips from BlogHer 12

1. Tap to refocus, which changes the lighting

This is one of the BEST tips I learned at the entire BlogHer conference this year.
Did you know that you can tap different spots on your iPhone screen when you are taking a picture and it will drastically change the lighting on the image? Check this out…

Diptic triptic iphone photos

Drastically different lighting on three pictures taken from the exact same spot. To adjust the lighting of your image simply tap different parts of your iPhone screen before you click the camera shutter.


tap iphone screen to adjust image lighting

iPhone photo #1

tap different areas of the iphone screen to adjust lighting

iPhone photo #2

iphoneography lighting

iPhone photo #3

Isn’t the difference amazing? I cannot tell you how many times I have used this trick since learning it.

2. How to get pictures from Instagram to your computer

Someone took a fabulous picture of your and now you want a copy, but you can’t do that “save photo” thing on your iPhone in Instagram.

No worries. Ink361 is the fastest and easiest way to get your images from Instagram onto your computer. Just log in with your Instagram account, search through your feed, right click the image you want and save it where you’d like to keep it. Name it whatever you’d like and then…

“Don’t forget to .jpg”

– Amy from Our Everyday Dinners


Kathryn from took this picture of me during a session at BlogHer and uploaded it to Instagram.

Remember: use the pro one-handed-iphone-hold to be more incognito when taking iPhone pictures.

How to hold a camera with one hand to take better pictures

Click the shutter with your thumb while holding the phone in your right hand (forefinger on top, pinky on bottom and two middle fingers on the back). I can do this and I’m a lefty.


3. Diptic makes those fancy combined iPhone pics

Wondering how I got those three images into one image above? It’s a fun and currently wildly popular iPhone app called Diptic.

Diptic iphone photo iphoneography collage

Here’s a fun 5-image Diptic collage from our adventuresome trip home from BlogHer


Do you have an iPhone photography tip? Share it in the comments below.