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Evolved Mommy | April 26, 2015

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Just for funsies: The most ridiculous fitness products and gadgets - Evolved Mommy

Just for funsies: The most ridiculous fitness products and gadgets

| On 03, Oct 2012

As a reminder to myself and others: Just because they make a gadget or accessory does NOT mean I need it.

Dog-wearing Belt

In case you have a tiny dog or like me a dog that would rather lay on the tile floor and stare at a blank wall than move her legs back and forth.

Dog Running Belt


I don’t sweat. I Sparkle.

Really? Okay then.

I don't sweat I sparkle t-shirt on etsy

Buy this t-shirt on Etsy (click the image)

Maybe your sweat looks and feels sparkly, but mine is disgusting. Fabulously disgusting. I do love to sweat because I know that I’m working it.


Wait – these look just like the Moving Men I ordered off the TV so I could move the giant armoire without damaging the floor (or myself). Two birds. One stone.

Valslide exercise sliders

Click the image for more info. Beware – there’s auto-audio on their website. Grrrr.

The same as…

moving men sliders

Or get these at Walmart


Personal Mobility Device?

1. I call these skates, but whatever.

2. I don’t even know if these are legitimate, but they look fun:

Equarra personal mobility device skates

“Personal mobility device”? or roller skates? IDK. Click the image if you want more info.


I would post the Shake Weight, but we’ve all seen it.

Have you ever bought something that you thought was going to be an awesome piece of fitness equipment only to laugh at yourself later?  I have!



  1. I kinda love the sparkle T shirt

    • Evolved Mommy

      I can’t lie. It’s a little fabulous.

  2. Evolved Mommy

    I think my sister had a thigh master in high school. If it wasn’t her it was one of my friends. Seriously. Why?

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