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Evolved Mommy | April 18, 2015

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The Gorgeous Kate Spade USB

Designer Tech: The Gorgeous Kate Spade USB

Our new leader: Kate Spade

Please make Kate feel welcome. She has worked hard to earn her new position.

Beautiful Harrison Striped Kate Spade USB keychain



I feel like we have turned a corner. That corner at the intersection of “Tech Gadgets I Must Have but Make Me Sad When I Look at Them” AND “Beautiful Designer Style I Love, Must Have and Can Rarely Justify.

We have arrived. And so have the designers. Well, at least one designer. Kate Spade gets it. She feels our pain. Enter the new Harrison Strip Kate Spade USB Keychain. (cue angels singing and halo effect).

Right now the 4g USB is quite pricey at $50, but this is just the beginning. Expect other designers to follow suit (I’m talking to you Tory Burch) shortly. We will no longer have to carry around disgusting black and red plastic, rounded-edge USB sticks. Put ‘em in a drawer ladies.

Today is new day in tech! Hallelujah.

Your pretty-things-loving friend,




  1. Actually the price isn’t that bad for Kate Spade.

  2. I pretty much adore all things KS as well! I have the new “skirt the rules” coffee much which has garnered quite a few comments – good and bad alike which makes me happy! I have a teenie tiny metallic pink usb drive that I’ve had for years, but this is far superior – will definitely be looking for this on the next few flash sales of hers!

    • evolvedmommy

      I’m certain it will go on sale and then I will snatch one up! Love your mug.

      • I love Kate Spade too. On sale would be good. :)

        • evolvedmommy

          I’ll be watching for the sale, but if you see it first PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

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