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Evolved Mommy | August 22, 2019

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Katie Couric at BlogHer 2012 | 2 Seats for bloggers at every show - Evolved Mommy

First, those are some amazing legs.

Second, Katie is a good role model for us. She’s a powerful, independent, smart woman with confidence. She builds other women up and celebrates their lives.

Therefore, I will be checking out her new show this fall. In the meantime follow @katieshow or @katiecouric.

If you’re a blogger pitch story ideas. Katie said she will have two seats for bloggers at every show, which means there will be a lot of opportunities for those of us who are attention whores (like ME!).

Katie Couric first learns of the Internet

“We don’t want social media to be an afterthought on this show.

There will be two seats for bloggers on every show, which airs every day at 2pm. We will solicite participation on Twitter in the morning [before each episode].

The Katie Show preview

BlogHer’s Liz Stone interviews Katie Couric

Interesting fact: Katie reads both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal editorial review on the big issues every day so that she can understand both sides.

“Civil discourse has become an oxymoron in our culture.”

Katie Couric Interview with Liz Stone at BlogHer 2012

RE: Sarah Palin interview

Katie was asked by a blogger “What were you feeling during that interview”

“I actually felt bad for her because she was clearly having a very hard time.

I went into that interview wanting to let her reveal about herself how she would govern, and what she was about.

This is a person who was going to be a heartbeat away from the president, who would be the oldest president, and it was really important for voters to know who was going to be on the ticket.”

As a mother of teenagers who do you balance the role of mother and a professional

“First of all, Brian Williams never gets asked [about balancing family life].

Every woman needs to decide what works for her and her family.

Second, in the Ann Marie article we were talking about some pretty high class problems and a lot of the women in this country are not in that economical situation

As you probably know, I am well compensated. I am fortunate enough to have a live in nanny who is like my wife. I feel very lucky and I feel like my case is very unusual.”


RE: Her incredible physique

“I start every morning on Weight Watchers and end every day off of Weight Watchers”

Katie tried to convince us that she does one spin class regularly and nothing else. I call B.S. on that one.

RE: Invisibility of women as they age

“Do not buy into the idea that you are being marginalized. If you feel marginalized and ignored you project that and it will define you.

Be as vibrant and involved as ever. Be energetic and in good shape.

People ask me, ‘Why don’t you just retire and move to the south of France?’ – Because I don’t want to!”

She has things she wants to do and accomplish still.


Thank you Katie for sharing your experience, wisdom and strength with us a BlogHer 2012.