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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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Apple household invaded: Daddy got a Kindle Touch - Evolved Mommy

Apple household invaded: Daddy got a Kindle Touch

A couple years ago I posted a pretty decent rant about Steve’s addiction to Apple products and some new contraption called the iPantyLiner. There was absolutely no way I was going to let him spend hundreds of dollars on another piece of gadgetry just because Apple freakin’ rocks at marketing and he’s one of their mindless followers.

Side note: I’m the one who introduced him to Apple products and I do love them, but I’m also a pretty good wet blanket at times.


So he bought me one.


Here’s a post I did in which I took pictures of the FedEx truck arriving at the house with my new iPad. So, I got kind of excited too, it turns out.

The scandalous decision

Earlier this year, Steve sold his iPad and his MacBook Pro and bought himself a MacBook Air. I thought he’d lost his mind. I know he misses his iPad from time-to-time because I see him oogling mine out of the corner of my eye.

Back off mister!

Wait! This isn’t an Apple product

So I was shocked when Steve told me he wanted to get a Kindle with his Christmas money.

A what?

For why?

Kindle Touch

Photo courtesy of Intel Free Media

Turns out he wanted to read. And he has. Constantly since he got that tiny tan-and-white screened thing. He even has a book light and a cover on it.


Seriously, I think this turn of events is bizarre because the iPad is also an e-reader, but I’m not at all questioning it since he is now devouring books.


So what’s the difference?

Fewer distractions make it easier to focus on reading. Whereas on the iPad you can move back and forth from Facebook to Twitter to Hanging with Friends to Pinterest to whatever book you are reading, with a true e-reader like his Kindle Touch there are no distractions. It’s just for reading.


Color me impressed. And confused. But pleased.


My husband’s a reader! An e-reader.

Steve sitting outside mid-january reading

Yes, it’s January, but in Northwest Arkansas the weather is nice enough for Steve to sit outside to read.