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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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Lest you think I have ANYTHING together - Evolved Mommy

Lest you think I have ANYTHING together
Stephanie Funk

My preschooler can dress herself, but I can’t.

As I scooted Charlie through the front door of her preschool while trying to avoid tripping over the tiny toddler who was escaping his distracted mama I gave a sigh and headed to the sign in sheet.

Only 5 minutes late. Not bad at all.

Charlie dried her hands at the washing station and I straightened my brown sweater dress in case it had ooched up as sweater dresses over tights are wont to do, and that’s when I saw it. On the outside of my dress somewhere between the hip and the hem was a Care Instructions tab.

“Omg. You goofball!” I thought about myself when I realized what was going on.

“Charlie, look at mommy! My dress is on inside out.”

We ducked into the lobby bathroom together giggling at the silliness. What a ridiculous and fun way to start a Monday.

What happened to my face?

It got pregnancy fat. Good grief. Talking about adding insult to injury.

I tried duck face and everything. 

This is how you do it, right?

Is this how you duck face

Nailed it!

Oh well. Le sigh.

my face got pregnant fat

You know what straightened out my wonky day? Two things…

1. This tumblr

Drunk J. Crew

2. This AMAZING video I worked on with Adair Creative

It’s about the sport and spirit of blogging for my business Acorn Influence. Happy tears!!! (possibly pregnancy tears)

Acorn Influence: we love bloggers video

The rest of the day was pretty standard Monday stuff. Fingers crossed it stays that way until I can get my head on the pillow. Although, I am pretty amused at the world most of the time, and these little events all add up to a pretty fantastic day.