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Evolved Mommy | April 28, 2015

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Let me lie to you with pictures - Evolved Mommy

Let me lie to you with pictures
Stephanie McCratic

You know how sometimes pictures lie? This week my pictures look all happy and such, but I was a moody b all week. So, just know that when you think, “Oh look how sweet.” Nope. Not this chic. Not this week.

Okay, well some sweet happened this week. And some crazy.

On Monday I went to the doctor because co-worker Cade convinced me the pain in my leg was Deep Vein Thrombosis and I was going to die of a blood clot.

IMG 8872

Turns out after three hours in the doctor’s office, exposure to every known illness in town and one false positive pregnancy test, I just needed a cortisone shot in my bursa. The pregnancy test was a safety precaution so they could x-ray my hip. It should’ve been a simple three minute experience, but after waiting thirty minutes the doctor (with caution in his eyes and terror on his face) told me the results were “questionable” and they’d need to do a blood test. I didn’t get the “definitely negative” results for FOUR DAYS.

Holy hell.

Then I was on the teevee talking about Black Friday apps. That was actually pretty fun. Y’all know I like to talk, and when I can talk to a whole bunch of people all at onceā€¦ even better. Thanks KNWA and Tyler Thomason for that.

IMG 8881

Things are looking up: on Thursday I got to hang out with Charlie and her class for their Thanksgiving party. That little turkey (see what I did there?) can always make me smile.

IMG 8883

She was so cute I just had to take her to work with me, where she was mostly good.

IMG 8893

Friday I hung out in a coffee shop for most of the day with my “Listen To Your Mother show” co-conspirator Lela Davidson. We schemed, gossiped, worked, therapied each other, then left. It was good for my soul.

IMG 8904

Saturday during the day I was not lovely, so there are no pictures. We will pretend that didn’t happen.

Saturday night we took Charlie to the local Christmas parade where these teens kept moving in front of her. She’s little people! Get out the way!

Photo 3

At least we’re cute. ;)

Photo 4

I act like it was some kind of awful week.

It wasn’t.

At all.

Truly, it was a good week with spots of crankiness. And one questionable pregnancy test.


  1. Charlie is adorable!! Funny post.

  2. OMG, totally agree with Jackie here. I wouldn’t have left that place without knowing. FOR SURE. Of course, I have above-average reason to be panic-stricken over a preg test. And I’ve had my tubes tied! :) In other news, you were great on the tee vee.

  3. False positive shouldn’t be a THING at a doctors office. Sure, when you are 20 and buying the cheap brand from the Walgreens on the other side of town so no one sees you. But as a grown up, at the doctors office. Should not happen. Ever.

  4. That cracks me up. It is funny how we tend to highlight the positive things and not the so craziness!

  5. Oh goodness. Four days?! Yikes. There was a lot of crankiness in my week, too, and no, you can’t see it in my pictures either. :)

    • evolvedmommy

      I was feeling better until Justin Bieber brought his MOM on stage and I remembered that she’s my age. Now I feel old.

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