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Evolved Mommy | October 16, 2019

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Listen to Your Mother show 2013

Listen to Your Mother Show 2013

“Going off List”

Apparently my original choice of title for my Listen to Your Mother show story was bait for spam and trolls, so what was once “Gay Nail Polish” is now “Going off List.”


Everyone has a story about motherhood.

And these are the brave women who told their hilarious and refreshing stories this year.

Most of our cast in Norhtwest Arkansas this year do not consider themselves “writers”, so please don’t let that title keep you from submitting to your local Listen to Your Mother show next year. It is a life-altering experience for each and every participant.

Listen to Your Mother show

We’ve had women who are not mothers in our show, and even a man. Because, you know what? Everyone has a mother. Even if you don’t know her. In fact my story last year was about my birth mother.

Thanks to the support of The Partnership at, LTYM celebrates the release of over 300 new videos from our 2013 season on the LTYMShow YouTube channel. Our Mother’s Day series of live reading events in 24 cities were heartening and spectacular. Now our videos extend the reach of those powerful stories of motherhood from our local cities across the globe—giving Mother’s Day a microphone all year round.

LTYM is proud to share The Partnership’s message of preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse. Join the growing number of parents pledging to end this epidemic.

Spend two seconds to take the pledge and share it via social media and help prevent ½ a million teens from abusing prescription drugs.

Learn more about The Medicine Abuse Project.


Let’s keep sharing our stories. Watch the videos, then tell your own story. Write it down. Share it. Build your community buy using your voice and inspiring others to do the same.

If you’ve watched any of the stories please tell me which one(s) you loved. I’ve only had a chance to watch a few outside of the Norhtwest Arkansas show.