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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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Love Story: How a blog led to a blog conference proposal - Evolved Mommy

While traveling through the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas at high rates of speed in a large SUV loaded with bloggers headed toward the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference at the Ozark Folk Center (no, I’m not kidding, and yes, it was kind of wonderful) I thought it would probably be a good idea to visit several of the blogs of the other attendees just to have something or ANYTHING to talk about with strangers. See, I’m terrible at small talk. It makes my neck tense up. I start thinking about my teeth, and my sentence structure.

Not my strength.

Between dead spots in the 4G signal we found {Desperately Seeking Gina} who, also seemed to struggle with the idea of making small talk with a room full of chatty, excitable women.

We read her latest post aloud and decided as a group that we had a blog crush on Gina. When we finally met her in person we were not let down. She’s ADORABLE and so sweet.

Blog Proposal Arkansas Women Blogger Desperately Seeking Gina

Gina’s blog is so cute. Click this image to visit her.

Gina’s Blog Story

Years ago Gina discovered this magical box called the internet and thought to her enterprising self, “I’m going to find Thom.”

Wait. What?

Who’s Thom?

An old flame, of course!

And she desperately wanted to reconnect with him, so…. Desperately Seeking Thom was born.

It may have been naive (weren’t we all back then), but she really thought she’d put this blog up, write about looking for Thom and the wonderful world wide web would deliver her to him.




So Gina moved on. (Good for you, girl!). But then Thom did find her blog when he WENT LOOKING FOR HER!

Omgosh, y’all. *goosebumps*

Gina’s Blog Conference Proposal

Fast forward years later. Gina moves to Arkansas to be with Thom, knows no one in our fine state, takes a leap of faith and decides to attend the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference for funsies.

Well, guess what? Thom contact the organizers and coordinated an EPIC proposal.

Saturday night at the big CountryOutfitter Jig Dancing party (more about that later because it, too, was epic) Gina was asked to be one of three bloggers who told the group why they blog.


Oh, this is good.

Bloggers watching the Desperately Seeking Gina proposal at the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference


So, Amy James gets up and tells her hilarious baked ham story. (If you haven’t heard it ask @everydaydinners to share – it’s good stuff).

Then, Gina (a nervous wreck because she’s shy by nature and standing in front of 70 women she doesn’t know) proceeds to tell us her love story.

As she talking with a glow on her face because, you guys, she really and truly is in love, Thom walks up behind her, and she says (I still laugh when I think about it) to the attentive crowd who has no idea what’s about to happen.

This is Thom!

Then she turns her head and whispers to him

What are you doing here Thom?

LOL!!! And you see it dawn on her and everyone else. Women are now standing, iPhones and DSLR cameras are up above heads as if Brad & Angie have walked in.

Thom asked.

She said yes.

Gina Knuppenberg Desperately seeking Gina accepts proposal at blogging conference


The crowd was cheering and crying and swooning.

Bloggy magic.

Best wishes Gina and Thom. We are so honored to forever be a part of your love story.

UPDATE: Gina’s post about the proposal is up! Read it here.