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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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Simplify: Lunch Making Station - Evolved Mommy

Simplify: Lunch Making Station

If this is your first year for making school lunches, you might create a routine to help make the process go more smoothly.

My husband is a school teacher and his lunches are pretty easy as he’s good about taking left-overs from supper.  Preparing lunch for someone who can not warm up food, like a kiddo, can be a bit more difficult.

One of the things I like to do is set up a lunch container in the pantry.

lunch assembling station container box

Lunch making station in a single container. Adorable chalk board labels by Ginger Snaps (click photo to go to her Etsy shop)

In this container I store snack and sandwich bags, container drinks, candy, and individually packaged foods.  Above that layer I like to store the lunch boxes and maybe the open bag of chips if I haven’t already divided them up into appropriate sized snack bags.  You can also store a copy of the school’s monthly lunch menu in here and decide ahead of time if there is a day your child will be eating the school’s lunch (yay, no lunch prep for you!).

first layer of the lunch making station container

First layer of the lunch making container

Fully stocked lunch making container station

Fully stocked lunch making container including lunch box

Store this lunch container in the pantry.  Maybe yours will look like this one if you only have a tiny amount of space and want to re-purpose a container:

repurposed container for lunch making station

Re-purposed cracker box filled with lunch supplies

Clever idea

To keep the lunch making process simple yet not the same thing every day, I like to insert a postcard with meal ideas. For example, types of sandwiches and wraps; fruits; veggies and dips; etc.

I prepare the lunches the night before but if you are a morning person do it then, before the  morning chaos of grouchy kids.

On Sunday night

Cut up veggies such as celery and carrots for the week.  Keep a shoebox sized or smaller container in the fridge to contain them and make them easy to grab.  Include fruits, and anything else that you’ve separated into serving sizes here too.  This will make it so much easier to grab those healthy items and toss them into the lunch box.

Lunch Rehearsal

Finally, before school even starts (if it hasn’t already), spend your last summer holiday week figuring out just how much your child eats.  Start doing a trial run week by getting up earlier and pretending you are going to school.  Include lunch making and eating into this trial run so your child has enough every day but doesn’t waste food either.

Happy lunch making!

holly shacklett  Holly Shacklett is the mother of 2 girls ages 4 and less than 1 year.  Holly earned her  degree in Elementary Education, traveled the United States with her musical husband, and has worked in various types of office settings.  Holly actually gets a little giddy at the completion of an organizing project because she simply loves it.  She updates the blog and maintains the facebook pages for Simply Organized.  You can reach her at 479-790-6146 to schedule a consultation and visit about your space.