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Evolved Mommy | August 22, 2019

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How to make blogging easier - Evolved Mommy

How to make blogging easier
Stephanie Funk

You started a blog because you had words, lots and lots of words… to share. And then you wrote those words.

You need more words.
There are no more words in my head


Maybe you still have plenty of words, but you were talking to your blogging friends and one of them mentioned affiliate ads, another whined about problems with the jquery pinit button, and the super duper enthusiastic one mentioned how exhausted she is with her analytics integration problems.

Blink. Blink.

Is this English? What are these people talking about?

Forget all that for now. You need to find your mojo. Let’s do this.

Great Resources to Make Blogging Easier

There are lots of great resources out there (see my entire Pinterest board of blogging tips), so if sometimes your blog makes you feel like this…

blogging is hard

Check out these posts:

You can do this!

If all else fails, write words.


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