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Evolved Mommy | October 20, 2019

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Mom's Breakfast with Tim and Jeff in the Morning - Evolved Mommy

Stephanie Funk

This week my favorite morning radio show Tim and Jeff in the Morning on Power 105.7 invited me to be a part of a special breakfast for moms in honor of sending the kiddos back to school.

Tim Timmerman Tim & Jeff in the morning Power 105.7

Tim of Tim & Jeff in the Morning on Power 105.7

AT&T provided a Nomad Play iPad paintbrush for me to give to one of the moms. It’s a really great wooden paint brush with whimsical engraved images that works with lots of free coloring apps.

Nomad Play iPad Paintbrush

Only $12. Click the image to learn more

We talked iPhone 5, the moms got swag bags full of goodies, and we just had a great time talking casually over breakfast.

Back to school breakfast with Tim and Jeff in the morning 105.7

Thanks for the great food Village Inn

Please let me share some of these beautiful, busy, funny moms with you.

NWA Moms: Carroll & Mary Anne

This fun pair has been friends for 16 years. Carroll’s daughter had originally been invited, but when she couldn’t make it due to her college class schedule she sent her mom. How sweet!

Tim and Jeff in the Morning 105.7 Carroll & Mary Anne

Carroll and Mary Anne

Mary Anne was possibly the highlight of the event. Tim (@r8diotim) asked a question to the moms from a listener:

“If you don’t like your friend’s child or how that child plays with your child would you say something to the mom?”

My answer was, “No! Because I would be so hurt if someone said something like that to me about Charlie. There are plenty of kids and moms out there. We’d spend more time with other friends.”

Carroll said, “Go to McDonald’s Playland.”

That’s valid, I thought.

But then Tim put the mic in front of Mary Anne and radio gold happened. She started speaking very slowly, which made me very nervous for Tim because nobody knew where this was going.

“I would make an appointment with the mom”

Uh huh.

“And I would explain to her that she needs to learn to discipline her child.”

Mary Anne is sweet, but she would not have many friends if she were a new mom today.

This is, however, exactly what my Nanny would’ve said to do.

So Tim asked how she would suggest the mom of the rowdy little one should discipline her child.

“A switch. From a peach tree.”

It’s hard to convey in words, but this actually was a very funny moment. So much has changed. So much.

Moms at the power 105.7 Back to school breakfast at village inn in fayetteville, ar

There are 19 kids among these four women.

NWA Moms: Elisha & Ashley

These two have six kids between them.

Elisha and Ashley at the Power 105.7 Village Inn Fayetteville AR Mom's Back 2 School breakfast

Elisha and Ashley

Each has one in middles school, one in elementary school and a little one. Here’s the interesting thing: they live in Bella Vista, their elementary school kids go to school in downtown Bentonville and their middle school kids go to middle school in Bella Vista because there isn’t an elementary school there.

But get this: the start time for the two schools is only 10 minutes a party.

Luckily Elisha & Ashley have a carpool worked out, but I’m really curious to know what families do that don’t have a carpool buddy.

And why doesn’t Bella Vista have an elementary school yet?

Also fascinating: the high school start time is 50 minutes later. As Ashley said, why not start elementary at 7:30, middle school at 8:00 and high school at 8:30? That is far too reasonable Ashley.

NWA Moms: Shasheen & Betty

These two have 11 kids between them, and Shesheen, or “Sheen” as she’s known by her friends, has two grand-kids.

Shasheen and Betty at the Power 105.7 Back2School breakfast with Tim & Jeff in the Morning at Village Inn

Shasheen and Betty

Somehow we got on the subject of Christmas and since these two both work at Walmart they explained the Layaway programs. Here’s what you need to know:

  • $15 minimum cost of each item
  • Walmart started layaway a month early this year to give people more time to pay for all those kids
  • If the item goes on sale you get the sale price
  • BONUS: last year secret santas paid off layaway purchases for a few lucky shoppers.


On top of her job at Walmart and being a full time student, Betty works at the Passion Play in Eureka Springs (along with all of her kids)  every night but Tuesday & Wednesday, which is a 45 minute drive from her home. Did I mention she has five kids? She’s a busy woman, y’all!

Roses from Croutons Fayetteville, Ar

Thank you for letting me be a part of your event ladies!