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Evolved Mommy | April 21, 2015

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Monkey See Monkey Do | My Toddler Takes Fabulous Pictures - Evolved Mommy

Monkey See Monkey Do | My Toddler Takes Fabulous Pictures

Last year a story about a monkey taking self-portraits made national news. The pictures are really pretty impressive, and there was some question as to whether or not they were faked.

Earlier Steve and Charlie were hanging out in the hammock and he took a few pictures of her when she decided to take over as photographer. Right now she’s in a tricky phase with pictures. Sometimes she refuses to have her photo taken, even putting her hand up as if we are the paparazzi and other times she really is a little ham.

Luckily, this was one of those hammy occasions.

Times like these make me grateful for Daylight savings time because we have plenty of time after work to just hang out in the backyard.


This is my good side Dad!

Lemme see!

For this picture I’m going to sing, “Happy and You Know It”

Okay, now gimme that.

Baby’s first piece of abstract photography. Isn’t it fantastic?!

We will call this piece, simply… Dad’s Plaid.

toddler selfie

I know I have a sickness, but I really want this one on a stretched canvas. I’m not even kidding.

I don’t know what to call this, but it’s like for realsies fancy art. She’s definitely going to be famous.

Dad in a hammock

Plaid abstraction. Also, this one will be in the Louvre some day. Or maybe just the loo.

All of this is possible because the iPhone has that fancy shmancy feature that lets you see the screen while you are taking a picture, which is fascinating to a toddler.

Screen shot of my iPhone 4S w/ the camera pointing out.

Screen shot from my iPhone with the camera rotated so that I can see myself on the screen. Yes, I know the quality is terrible. It’s actually dark in the living room right now except for the light from my laptop screen.



  1. I love giving the camera to my kids and see what they come up with. My Lucy refuses photos about 80% of the time with a grimace, a loud grunt, and tears. That switcharoo feature makes it possible to get a few photos of her.

  2. I mean, seriously. She’s adorable. And her pictures? The Louvre, for sure.

    • Evolved Mommy

      Do you know anyone there? Because I’m not sure how to get her in. Maybe I’ll just take a print and some Scotch tape the next time I’m in Paris. You know, because I’m there never.

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