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Today we took Charlie to her first day of Kindergarten. Since we live in a new town now, she doesn’t know a single soul in that school.

Neither do we.

Steve grew up in a small town and I grew up in a private church-run school, so this concept is foreign and a little overwhelming for us.

Charlie seems totally fine with it.

Expecting the drop off to be emotional, I shoved my mascara and powder into my laptop bag on the way out the door just before we took the “first day” pictures required by Facebook and grandmas everywhere.

First day of Kindergarten sidewalk chalk

The morning was surprisingly unemotionally, perhaps because I was busy documenting every second of the drop-off-enter-the-building-see-your-class-for-the-first-time-find-your-seat moment.

So Charlie gave us each a kiss and sent us on our way.

Of course, we stopped at the door on our way out and both absorbed the moment. As we were getting to the car the principal came over the intercom and politely asked the remaining parents to get out. It was time to start the day.

“Lots of learning to do today.”

And then she started the pledge of allegiance over the PA. And I lost it. My child is in that building and I can’t just go get her anytime I want. Or she wants. She’s going to have a life during the day that I’m not a part of.

Through tears I climbed into car and with a quivering chin and broken speech I shared all my hopes and fears with Steve.

I hope…

  • The other kids like you and you like them.
  • The other kids are sweet to you and you are kind to them.
  • Your teacher loves you and you love her.
  • Your innocence isn’t broken by some tragic event like a tornado or a school shooting
  • You’re as smart and funny as we think you are. And if you aren’t that you find your tribe.
  • You are confident and delightfully weird
  • You seek out the ones who aren’t included and make sure they feel welcome
  • You ROCK Kindergarten!
We’re totally not crying
We’re totally not crying

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