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Evolved Mommy | October 20, 2019

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Now Watching on #NetflixKids - Evolved Mommy

Now Watching on #NetflixKids
Stephanie Funk

I find it absolutely amazing that my daughter finds and curates her own content on Netflix on her iPad. She has her own profile with parental controls (read: How to set parental controls on Netflix), so the suggested content is based on her viewing history.

Netflix Kids parental controls

The other day, I asked her what her favorite shows were:

“I like all the shows. But I really really like Batman and My Little Pony and Mulan and Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Never ever would I have picked this collection of shows for my daughter, so this is fascinating because she doesn’t have to tolerate content that is not interesting to her. She does not have to consume whatever is on because it is the only thing on, like we did as kids. Control is hers and at her fingertips.

Pretty cool.

FYI, there is are a ton of Disney movies on Netflix right now. We just watched Mulan the other day, and already it’s one of her favorites. It’s no Frozen, but still worth watching. 😉

Play time with daddy

And then sometimes we set the iPad down and go for a ride.

What are your kids watching on Netflix? 

This post is part of the Netflix StreamTeam campaign.