One Little Word 2013: Delight!

This week while focusing on New Years Resolutions, 2013 goals and my annual year in review, I was introduced to the concept of “One Little Word” by my friends Jackie & Gina.

This practice of choosing one word to carry with you throughout the year has its roots in scrapbooking, but it can easily be applied to blogging or just life in general.

Can you pick One Little Word?

What is One Little Word

Check out this One Little Word post by Ali Edwards (who is the leader of this outfit).

You can join in the fun by signing up for her year-long, guided activities. If you do, let me know and we’ll add you to a Facebook group that Angie started.

Ali says sometimes you don’t choose your word, it chooses you. It can be any word. Some good ones I’ve read are:

Open (Ali’s word), Choice, Persevere, Grow, Create (Sarah’s doing this one), Learn, Love, Make, Happiness, etc. It can be a noun or verb, action or not. It could be Purple, if you’d like.

One Little Word OLW 2013

Thinking about my goals and hopes for 2013 it occurs to me that mostly I want to enjoy things.

I want to enjoy my home, my work, my body, my friends, my God, my life. But I don’t just want to enjoy them. Enjoy isn’t my word. It just didn’t feel right.

Then driving home from the gym two days ago my word found me when I was thinking about how delightful the snow looked on the grass and the houses and the pasture…

THAT’s it!

I want to delight in my life, so there’s my word… DELIGHT!

Already it has changed my perspective on very specific things.

Yesterday, Charlie wanted me to play Play Dough, and instead of dreading the mess I made a conscious decision to delight in the experience.

We had a ball mixing colors and rolling out worms. She even made me a beautiful bracelet.

Wow! It’s just a word. But words, it turns out, have incredible power.

OLW = One Little Word

This year I hope to…

  • Delight in my friends (new & old) and in my family (all of them)
  • Delight in exercise
  • Delight in memory keeping (which is a nice way of saying I need to clean out a bunch of bins of old crap)
  • Delight in paying bills & building wealth
  • Delight in daily time with God
  • Delight in reading daily
  • Delight in daily writing
  • Delight in growing my field of work and sharing what I know with others
  • Delight in my body (not like that… jeez… get your minds out of the gutter!)
  • Delight in running a 10k
  • Delight in making money
  • Delight in a bible study (I’m looking for one if any of you have an opening)
  • Delight in my world, my community, my family, my church, my home.
  • Delight in my life.

What will you delight in this year?

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