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Evolved Mommy | March 18, 2018

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Our dog is lost! Plz help #NWArk friends - Evolved Mommy

Our dog is lost! Plz help #NWArk friends

UPDATE: Cotton is home!
I’ll post more detail later, but a special thanks goes out to everyone who shared On Facebook, Raymond & Mary Brown who saw him and remembered the Facebook post, our tirelessly dedicated groomer Jill at Vanity Fur in Farmington, and especially my husband Steve who searched and searched and searched through fields, barns, neighborhoods and woods.

Yesterday our dog Cotton got away from our groomer in Farmington when she was taking him into her salon after picking him up at our house. He bolted into the field behind her shop and even though a small army searched for him until well after dark he has t been seen since 10am when he was spotted briefly two fields away.

We think he’s south of 62 near Tractor Supply.

He’s our 4 year old’s dog and her best buddy. She doesn’t know he’s missing yet, and I can’t even imagine telling her.

He’s very sweet and rather fast. If you see him please please please try to play with him until he’s close enough to pick up and then call my husband Steve at 479-409-5013.

Thank you! We appreciate all of the Facebook shares!

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p.s. Our groomer is heartbroken. She helped search all day, called to alert all the shelters, bought a spotlight to keep searching at night and had a couple big posters made. We miss Cotton terribly and our hearts are broken, but we are not mad at Jill. This was a terribly unfortunate accident and placing blame won’t fix the problem.