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Evolved Mommy | May 5, 2015

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P. Allen Smith | Video garden tips - Evolved Mommy

Yesterday I posted about the Bean2Blog event I attended at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm.

Since then I’ve had several people ask me who P. Allen Smith is. He’s a garden lifestyle expert I suppose. The man has several TV shows, but they’re all on PBS, so people who live their TV lives on network and cable have never seen him.

He’s doing something cool and new right now, though. He’s building a house in 150 days for $150,000 and it’s all playing out on eHow in partnership with Google YouTube. You can keep up on his eHow Home channel here.

Also, he apparently has thousands of videos on YouTube. Most of them are about 3 minutes long, which is perfect for my attention span. Some are about gardening, some are recipes and some are about decorating.

This man is fascinating. And very busy.


  1. You aren’t kidding about “this man is seriously busy.” Just follow his twitter name and you will quickly find out he is EVERYWHERE! I feel honored that he spent an entire day with us.

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