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Evolved Mommy | June 24, 2019

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p.s. Just Go! - Evolved Mommy

There have been two occasions in my life when I went on a major trip spur of the moment. Once in college and once shortly after. Both trips were to Florida, of course.

Now we go to Vegas for my husband’s annual work conferences and to places within a three hour drive for quick weekend getaways (Branson, MO, Eureka Springs, Little Rock and Hot Springs, AR).

By “now” I guess I mean before Charlie.

We haven’t been on vacation with her yet. That’s all about to change, as we have just booked a five day trip to Chicago. We were going to go to the gulf, and possibly even drive. Then the oil spill happened, and forced us to think of something else to do.

Sounds fun.


What have we done???

  • We are flying, so do we take a car sear?
  • What about cabs?
  • Does the hotel provide cribs?
  • Do we take the big fancy Bugaboo stroller (0urs is black and FABULOUS) or the umbrella stroller?
  • Do I have to check the stroller?
  • Can you take formula on a plane?
  • Can I take a diaper bag and a carry on?
  • Will our little wiggle worm be content in a baby carrier? If so, do we take the Moby ore Bjorn? Or should we go buy an Ergo? No, definitely not an Ergo. She can’t face out in one of those.
  • We are terrible packers, is our luggage going to cost $200 to check (each way)?
  • What if Charlie screams on the plane?
  • What if i’m forgetting something major to worry about?

So, of course, I immediately got online and started looking for comfort, for someone to tell me exactly how to do this. And, of course, I found little bits of info here and there. Most of what I found was surprisingly not helpful.

Next, I turned to my playgroup, which is full of savvy moms. Here I got some good info.

Twitter was also a source for some pretty decent info.

Here’s what I plan to do:

  1. We are not taking the car seat. Hopefully we can get around on foot and on the train. We don’t anticipate needing to take a cab anywhere, but if we do I will wear her in the bjorn (yep, that’s the carrier vie decided to take because the Moby is a pain in the ass) and buckle us both in.
  2. We will take the Bugaboo and gate check it plane-side. Evidently, you can take anything your baby needs right up to the plane and the flight attendants will help you get it all situated. On second thought, maybe we will take the umbrella stroller, since we don’t need to use the stroller as a car seat carrier through the airport. Okay, so this one is not a firm decision yet. Whatevs.
  3. I will buy a couple new toys and not show them to Charlie until we are on the plane.
  4. I will take lots of Mum Mum Biscuits and Rice Puffs. These will keep her busy and the swallowing will help her ears pop. She will be fine, and so will the other passengers. It’s only a one and a half hour flight for goodness sake.
  5. We will use the hotel crib.
  6. I will pack a small container of dish soap for washing bottles. This one never would’ve occurred to me, but a friend recommended it.
  7. We will pack reasonably.
  8. We will have a blast. We will take too many pictures. And I will blog about the whole thing.

I continue to ask anyone and everyone who looks like they might have ever flown with a baby. Sometimes I learn something useful, sometimes I learn something disturbing and sometimes I learn something I did not need to know.

Btw, I totally plagerized the title of this post. It’s taken from a tag on my Peanut Shell nursing cover. One day I was debating over whether or not to meet some friends. Charlie was sleeping, and I knew we’d have to leave 30 minutes before her next feeding, which meant she’d get hungry right when we got to the restaurant. On top of that, I hadn’t showered and did not feel at all pretty. The Peanut Shell wasn’t new, but I’d never noticed the simple tag on the inside of one side before. It spoke to me. I just went. Had a great time. We all survived.

What’s your best “travel with baby” advice? Click the title of this post to leave a comment.