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Evolved Mommy | April 25, 2014

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Evolved Mommy - Page 2 of 48 - Family tech / gadget tips, blogging hacks and a little nonsense

Our dog is lost! Plz help #NWArk friends

March 7, 2014 | | 4 Comments

UPDATE: Cotton is home! I’ll post more detail later, but a special thanks goes out to everyone who shared On Facebook, Raymond & Mary Brown who saw him and remembered the Facebook post, our tirelessly dedicated groomer Jill at Vanity … Read More

Tory Burch FitBit COMING SOON!

March 6, 2014 | | One Comment

Fitness trackers are not the most stylish things ever. In fact, one of the biggest selling features when I initially landed on FitBit was the fact that I could clip it to my bra.

Remember the BodyBugg? Gah! So gauche. … Read More

A little sweat equity

March 5, 2014 | | 4 Comments

Yesterday I was all gooey and excited and posted “I have an idea!”

By 10pm last night when I couldn’t even hold a conversation with my husband because my brain was just completely done for the day, I remembered this … Read More

I have an idea…

March 4, 2014 | | 4 Comments

So there’s something knocking around in my head and keeping me up at night. It’s an idea. But more than that… this idea has legs. In fact, what started as a tiny little snowball in my hands is now an … Read More

Best grammar lesson ever

February 25, 2014 | | One Comment

I don’t know who Glove and Boots are, but they are my new favorite grammarians. Maybe it’s because they’re fuzzy. Or perhaps because they are irreverent. Most likely it’s because they made this funny grammar video.

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Use Your Tax Return to Make Some Simple Home Improvements

February 24, 2014 |

Getting money back from Uncle Sam this year? The cash you get back from your tax return is perfect for a simple spring spruce up. After all, a small investment in your home can have a big impact later on!

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Citi #EveryStep and Evan Lysacek support Figure Skating in Harlem

February 22, 2014 |

This post was created in partnership with CitiĀ®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Even though ladies figure skating is over I’m still in the full throws of my skating glory days, and winning imaginary medals in my mind. … Read More

#NetflixKids Keeps the Olympic Spirit Alive

February 18, 2014 | | 4 Comments

Little known fact: I was (briefly) a figure skater long, long ago (that’s little bitty me at my very first competition). FYI, skating was not a common sport in the south.

These days my first pass around an ice … Read More

What I’m watching: OITNB

February 18, 2014 |

Black is back!

Ever since Crazy Eyes peed on Piper’s cell floor I’ve been hooked on Orange is the New Black, aka OITNB.

My husband doesn’t get it. On this, we will agree to disagree.




And Netflix … Read More

How to make blogging easier

February 16, 2014 | | 4 Comments

You started a blog because you had words, lots and lots of words… to share. And then you wrote those words.

You need more words.


Maybe you still have plenty of words, but you were talking to … Read More