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When it comes to parenting and technology, many find it hard to come to terms with the different responsibilities that come with both.

Sifting through products, understanding brand marketing jargon, choosing just the right project for the intended budget, and munching all of that with day-to-day activities is no easy task.

That’s where this site comes in.

While there are so many topics to cover, you’ll be able to get most of the important information you’ll need to better understand parenting and using technology to make your life/baby/loved ones easier.

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I’m Charlice, owner of and I’d like to say thank you for dropping by. Like most other people, I consume information on tech and parenting topics. Especially when I need to buy new stuff.

I always look at reviews before buying something even more so if the product is worth more than a hundred dollars, I’m pretty sure you’d do the same thing too.

It always helps in making wise decisions, especially when buying an expensive item.

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