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Evolved Mommy | September 17, 2019

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Best Use of Children's Art & How To Recreate the Look - Evolved Mommy

Art Created by Local Elementary School Children Hangs in the Children's Area of P. Allen Smith's Home at Moss Mountain.

One of my favorite features of P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain retreat is the Children’s room. It’s a third-floor hideaway for nieces and nephews and it is full of imagination with gable windows that look out over the river and the gardens. Can you imagine being one of his nieces or nephews? What a wonder-filled place to visit.

Best of all, the art work hanging in this area of the house is all done by local children from a school that Allen partners with. What a beautiful idea! The school has an annual art sale and he buys it there.

While we’re at it here are the rest of the pictures from the children’s area. It’s the entire third floor of the home and has views on three sides. What’s brilliant is that the room is separated by a Jack n’ Jill bathroom. On one side is a queen bed for mom and dad with a crib for baby. On the other side are several adorable twin beds for the other kiddos. There’s plenty of natural light and amazing views for letting your imagination wonder to secret gardens.

Whimsical Stairs Leading to the Children's Area

Queen Bed for Mom & Dad. The Crib for Baby is Just Out ofTwo of the Twin Beds in the Children's Room

View across the Room

Jack 'n Jill Bathroom in the 3rd Floor Kids Area

The Big Kids Area

This is the Other Twin Bed in the Big Kid Area. I love the Upholstered Headboards. Love.

View from one of the window's in the kid's Room. Oh, the stories I could come up with!

This week my 20-month-old daughter will be starting art classes. I anticipate our walls will soon be covered in her art. My plan is this:

1. Pick one wall. Ours will be the west wall in the play room.

2. Pick one frame color or style. Ours will be a simple coral or orange frame that can be bought in various sizes. Some pieces will be matted in white, some will not be matted at all.

3. Arrange the pictures in a symmetrical fashion starting at your center-most point and working out. Your grouping should look like one piece of art in itself, so don’t space them too far apart.

Charlie’s friend Anna did these beautiful works in art class yesterday. Anna is just three days younger than Charlie, but already quite the accomplished artist. I can’t wait to hang kid art all over the place! Hopefully my wall will be covered in no time.

Art created just this week by Charlie's friend Anna. This is definitely wall-worthy work.