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Evolved Mommy | April 18, 2015

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Perspective: Baby and the blog conference

Perspective: baby and the blog conference

| On 05, Apr 2013

While I was swapping business cards (and wow! Y’all have cute business cards) and talking about things like monetization, brand relationships, content strategy and the like at Blissdom, my friend Peggy was birthing new life into this world.

Just when I think my priorities are definitely in line it all comes into perspective.

Peggy was bringing a brand new beautiful little girl into this world.

Whether to have a sandwich at the coffee shop or risk bad chicken at the hotel sports bar suddenly seems embarrassingly irrelevant. But it was at the time a major decision.

Thanks for the reminder, God.




Welcome to the work baby Reese? Charlie was so excited she tackled Abby and all Isaac could do was get out of the way. Her approach is similar to my networking approach at blogging conferences.



  1. Always fun to see kids reactions/ actions. Thanks for sharing. I do have a question, though. Regarding your button/badge post, how can I make the box that has the code, smaller? It’s like 15 lines too many…as far as space goes.

    • evolvedmommy

      I honestly don’t know how to make that box smaller. I’m lucky to have figured out as much as I have. Code is not my strength, but I know just enough to be dangerous.

      • Ok, thanks. I’ve been telling everyone about it and passing them to your site. I’m just happy it worked – I’ll live with the big box until I find someone/figure it out :o)

        • evolvedmommy

          Thanks for sharing! I’m headed to your site now.

  2. Still bummed I missed BlissDom, but sounds like you had an extra fun excitement to come home to. I don’t care that I don’t know her. I love new babies!

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