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Evolved Mommy | June 25, 2018

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Sh*t's about to get real y'all (30/30/30: 5) - Evolved Mommy

Read more about my 30/30/30 fitness goal.

I’m going to post pictures from Pilates today and let me preface this by writing that these are hopefully the most unflattering pictures I will ever see of myself. What I mean is┬áthose fat rolls are real and I’ve GOT TO do something about it.

All of you who claim to be my friend have failed me because somebody should have pointed this out.

Or, at least when I was buying that workout top, my husband could’ve said, “No honey. Don’t get that one. Let’s find one that doesn’t nestle itself between your rolls.”

pilates plus fayetteville, ar

Now I see why crunches are so damn hard


balanced body reformer pilates plus fayetteville ar

My reward for completing this challenge was going to be a new Ta Ta Tamer sports bra. I don't think I'm going to wait until the end of the month to order that. JEEEEEBUS!!!


shannon magsam and stephanie mccratic at pilates plus fayetteville arkansas

That's Shannon from in the background. She's the one who talked me into posting these pictures because they are "real" and "honest." Our friendship is on probation now.



pilates reformer with box at pilates plus nwa fayetteville ar

That's a lot of chips and salsa right there. But (pun intended) I'm working on erasing all of my glutonous mistakes. I. Can. Do. This.




Each time I go to Pilates I get a little stronger. It will get better.

Thanks, Hannah for kicking my butt today.