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Evolved Mommy | May 21, 2018

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Pink Concert: Inspiring + Motivating - Evolved Mommy

Pink Concert: Inspiring + Motivating

| On 18, Nov 2013

Road trip! Kara and I took off for Little Rock tonight to see Pink in concert at Verizon arena. I got the tickets as an early birthday present months ago just after they went on sale and have been so excited to see her perform.

Pink concert in Little Rock

The show kicks off with performers hanging upside down. Good start, Pink!

Pink is who got me through running 90 miles last January. My play list was mostly from “The Truth About Love” album because it was all angry and snarky and happy and bouncy. You know… Perfect running music. Also, holy hell… Pink’s body y’all.

Pink flying in concert

Yes, I know it’s blurry. It’s still cool. That’s Pink btw.

I’ve heard she put on one heckuva show, and she did not disappoint. Acrobatics, an awkward and mildly offensive ring master, crazy good dancers, piano, a video of her family and flying trapeze across the entire arena were just part of the show.

Pink learned to play piano for The Truth About Love Tour in Little Rock

For every tour Pink learns a new skill. Last tour it was guitar. This time it was piano and she nailed it!

Pink performed every song as if Little Rock were the most important city on her tour. *swoon*Pink in Concert in Little Rock

If I had the money, I’d have one of these flying systems in my house. Looks like a blast.

I’d see the whole show again tomorrow if I could. Just unbelievable.

Pink is a mom now. She’s a reformed slut (her words, not mine), and she writes about the hard stuff of being a grown up, but in a way that touches my soul and inspires me.

Also, she gave me a reason to go on a girl trip, so she’s alright in my book.





escalade parking deck

A solid 1/2″ to spare on the cross bars.

Just for giggles… We barely squeezed into the deck under our hotel. Clearance was 6’2″, and so is Kara in heels. My car is 6’1″-ish. New personal goal: Get my legs (and rest of body) in much better shape by the time we go to Vegas in January. I’ve always wanted a tattoo (black writting), but never could land on a body part I was comfortable with. Until tonight. Pink has the coolest tattoo on her upper thigh. Concealed in business attire, but seen at the pool (and at home). Sexy. I want to get that tattoo when we are in Vegas in January, and if that’ going to happen I’ve got some serious running to do.

Add me on RunkeeperPro if you haven’t yet. I’m EvolvedMommy (duh!)


Some of my favorite Pink songs: