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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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Just get SOMETHING done: Pomodoro - Evolved Mommy

We all know people like Lela Davidson, who appears to be every-freakin-where at the same time and look good doing it.

No ma’am! We will not take this.

I’m busy and often sleepy. It can’t be that I’m lazy. There must be a magical secret.

I don’t know Lela’s secret per se and we’ve already talked about Kerri’s extreme calendaring. What I do know is that some kind soul introduced me to Pomodoro this summer and it just may have changed my life.

Pomodoro is an app that looks like an old tomato-shaped kitchen timer like my Nanny had.

(PC people, I have no idea if this works for you)

This handily little helper lets you set a 25 minute timer to get one thing done. At the end of 25 minutes and alarm goes off and you get a five minute break before it asks you if you’re ready to set another one.

setting the pomodoro app to write a blog post

You can also adjust the amount of time, but 25 minutes seems pretty darn perfect.

I can do this. I can work in 25 minute chunks of time. I can focus on one thing for 25 minutes. I’m doing it right now while I write this post.

pomodoro app in the app store

Screen shot of the app store for Mac users

Add those 25 minute increments up and you’ve accomplished 16 things at the end of an 8-hour day. Now, I’ve never successfully run 16 Pomodoro timers in one day, but the idea is nice.