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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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Prettiest iPhone 5 Cases

Prettiest iPhone 5 Cases | Evolved Mommy Picks
Stephanie Funk

So far there aren’t a lot of cases on the market for the iPhone 5. My Kate Spade iPhone 4S case is only a month old, and I kind of love it, so I was hopeful manufacturers would be ready to go with gorgeous new designs as soon as my very fragile feeling iPhone 5 hit the market.

The pickins are slim y’all, but these are the prettiest iPhone 5 cases.

These are the best of what I’ve seen.

Joie Designer iPhone 5 Case on Distinctive Style

Pretty iPhone 5 case on distinctivestile

Pretty Floral Case on Distinctive Style

Personalized Vintage Lace on Zazzle

pretty vintage lace bow iphone 5 case on zazzle

Vintage Lace iPhone 5 Case on Zazzle


Peacock (and other creatures) by CaseMate

peacock creature iphone 5 case casemate

Peacock “Creature” iPhone 5 case on CaseMate


Shield Pastels Case for iPhone 5 by Belkin

Shield Pastels Case by Belkin Striped iphone 5 case

Shield Pastels Case by Belkin


Kate Spade iPhone 5 Case Collection at Nordstrom

Kate Spade – Lenticular Eye

Kate Spade iphone 5 case lenticular eye iphone 5 case

Kate Spade “Lenticular Eye” iPhone 5 Case

Kate Spade – La Pavillion

Kate Spade iphone 5 case La Pavillion iPhone 5 case

Kate Spade “La Pavillion” iPhone 5 Case


Luxe Lean iPhone 5 Case on

Luxe Lean iPhone 5 case on

Designers to watch for beautiful iPhone 5 cases:

BONUS: KaZoo iPhone 5 case for kids

KaZoo iPhone 5 cases for kids

KaZoo iPhone 5 cases from Griffin