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Evolved Mommy | May 21, 2018

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How to know if you should really pursue that idea - Evolved Mommy

How to know if you should really pursue that idea
Stephanie McCratic

On a beautiful day in Atlanta I got to sit in and listen to a panel of women entrepreneurs who had been on SharkTank. They talked about their journeys from startup to scaling.

My favorite was Susan of Freshly Picked who sold scrap metal to get the money to buy the leather to make her first pairs of baby moccasins, which are now one of the hottest baby items on the market.

And Shelley who created Show No Towels who had given up on a previous failed business and on her faith.

Or Romy who created nausea bands and said, “Be confident, because if you aren’t confident in your product why would I be confident in your brand. Be persistent. No is not an answer. It just means ‘not right now.'”

The Magic Equation

Good to great venn diagram

What has really driven me to pursue my dream is the idea from the book “Good to Great” that the intersection of your passion, your gifts and your ability to make money is the thing that you should do.

Take any one of those elements out of the equation and you either have a very expensive hobby or a mediocre product or a frustrating life pursuing something you no longer care about.

Bonus tip: When your pitching press to get coverage ad “RE:” to the subject line because the editor thinks they must’ve emailed you.

Thanks for that very tactical tip Susan!