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Evolved Mommy | October 16, 2019

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The guide to Google Reader alternatives - Evolved Mommy

The guide to Google Reader alternatives

| On 03, May 2013

The end of Google Reader is getting close. If you rely on Reader to get your blog fix it’s time to make some decisions and get used to using something else.

What is Google Reader? What is an RSS feed?

Three legit Google Reader alternatives:


Looks like reader, but a little dressier. Actually, Feedly is even better than Reader, and to get started all you do is get the Chrome extension and log into your Google account. Feedly does the rest for you. Reader? What was Reader?


This is the most beautiful content app for the iPad or iPhone ever. Ev. Er. On Flipboard you read your favorite blogs, your Facebook feed, your Twitter feed and other surprise goodies in what looks like a custom eBook/eMagazine built just for you by the magic leprechauns who make the Internet.


Newcomer Bloglovin’ sends you a daily email with the latest post from your favorite blogs. The drawback here is that you have to build your list of blogs, and not all of them have registered yet. The big plus is that you get this one handy email with the headlines and featured image from each post. No junk clogging up your inbox. One simple email. You choose what you visit.


This one is still in private beta, but word on the street is that this will be the one bloggers will love because Bloganizer will have an RSS reader function plus it will aggregate so many of the things we need to keep up with. Also, they make hilarious videos about social media conferences.

Have a different suggestion? Or specific RSS/Reader question? Comment below and we’ll work through this transition together.

Also, raise your hand if you have no idea what we’re even talking about.