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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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Review (and giveaway!): JBL Charge vs Jawbone Mini Jambox. FIGHT! - Evolved Mommy

Review (and giveaway!): JBL Charge vs Jawbone Mini Jambox. FIGHT!
  • On October 21, 2014


When we started to put this review together, I thought that it was going to be a no-brainer.  JBL v Jawbone.  Mini Jambox v Charge.  I mean just look at them, right?  The Jambox looks great, it was made for this review, I wanted it to win.  It didn’t.

AT&T was kind enough to supply us with both, so we were able to do a decent head to head.  The JBL took the Jawbone to task on nearly every test.  It has a richer sound, deeper bass, highs that are more crisp and it still sounds great when turned all the way up.  As if it didn’t need it, the Charge even has a USB port to give your phone, iPod, iPad or whathaveyou an extra little boost of battery to keep the tunes coming.  It’s like the Jambox didn’t even show up.


Now I don’t want to just berate Jawbone’s smaller sibling to the incredible Jambox, (full size) as the Charge did a great job of that without my help.  The Mini Jambox does have some redeeming qualities.  In fact, it’s a pretty amazing speaker.  First, the most obvious, it looks a LOT better.  The sleek minimal design had me rooting for the Jambox right out of the box.  It also has a much better battery life, even if you don’t use the Charge as an added battery for your device.  I’m not sure what the standby time on it is, but I had used it at my desk at work for almost two weeks before I realized that the USB cord wasn’t plugged in.  It also tends to be far more portable due to its smaller stature.

We all know that you’re not going to buy a speaker based on how it looks unless it’s 1993 and stuffing them into the back of your kick-ass custom mini truck.  It’s the sound that’s important here and honestly this isn’t even a close fight.  The Charge is more boom for your buck.  They’re both available through AT&T.  Or, you can win the Mini Jambox below.

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