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Evolved Mommy | April 26, 2015

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Search for church

Search for church

| On 14, Apr 2013

The Word is just one begger telling another begger where the bread is.
– Charles Wiggins, guest pastor and missionary in Tanzania, Africa

We tweet and Facebook about our favorite restaurants.

“The bread here is fantastic! You have to come.”

But we don’t invite people to church.

Church is good for my soul, my sanity and my family.

Steve and I have been searching for a church home for nearly six years, and I can think of three people who have invited us to join them at church. This is surprising because I talk about craving church all the time.

This morning we visited Central United Methodist because my friend Kara invited us.

My church in Little Rock was a natural part of my life. I took that connection for granted and I regret that now.



  1. I love you at new heights and I know Hadley does too. Wish we went more of the same time but maybe that can happen soon. And remember your not going to find your old church. It’s in LR and your in Fayetteville. Don’t set those expectations.

    • evolvedmommy

      Thank you Shannon. Charlie loves New Heights, too. We really struggle with getting comfortable with a contemporary (is that word even relevant anymore) service. I know it’s seemingly superficial thing to get hung up on, but it’s just where we are. You’re absolutely right about expectations. We’re trying to be very open, and for some reason we just can’t get settled.

      • You can come visit the Grove anytime you’d like!!! xoxo

        • evolvedmommy

          Thank you! I think I’ll do follow up post of the awesome friends we have who have invited us to join them at church.

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