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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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How To Make Real Connections Using Social Media - Evolved Mommy

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Why You Must Socialize

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner,  or a community activist the idea of putting your brand or message out there in the social media world can be scary. You might worry that you will say something wrong; or that you are behind the technology; or that getting out there will backfire; or maybe that your competition is better at using social media than you are.

“Social media is the best way to reach your most influential customers and the only way to reach your most cynical ones.” – Michael Troiano, Principal, Holland-Mark,

“[Social media] is about rethinking how you make plans when your customer is at the center and in control.” – Paul Adams, Senior Experience Researcher, Google, http//

Think of it this way, you can get yourself in front of more customers in a matter of hours than a traditional ad campaign can in months.

Just a few of the ways engaging in social media can benefit your business:

  • Increase Exposure, Traffic, Customer Loyalty & Trust
  • Keep An Eye on the Competition
  • Bring Attention to Your Products
  • Listen to Your Customer’s and Critic’s Opinions
  • Strengthen Customer Service

Just to add emphases here are some awe-inspiring statistics:

  • Twitter now has 175 million registered users
  • Facebook has over 350 million active users, and well over a half-billion registered users globally
  • 50% of active users log into Facebook every day

These numbers continue to climb exponentially year-after-year.

How & When to Start Socializing

Between Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and a slew of lesser social networks the idea of getting in there and really getting to know people can seem impossibly overwhelming. It’s not.

The best strategy is to just get started. If you’ve ever tried to explain Twitter to someone you know that it’s better if they try it first. There are a couple things to keep in mind though.

1. Decide how personal you want to get.

If you are tweeting using your business name tweet more about what you do while using a personal tone.You will not reach your audience by constantly tweeting your features and benefits statements. However, be careful not to get too personal. Your irritable bowel is not what your audience wants to hear about.

According to internationally-renowned marketing executive Marta Kagan the most effective social media strategy is to:

  • Listen
  • Engage
  • Be Real
  • Be Respectful
  • Have Fun

2. Set a rough schedule.

We all stick to tight schedules about as well as we stick to tight budgets. Be realistic. Post to your Facebook page once per day if you can. Link to related blog articles a few times per week, whether they are yours or something else your audience and customers might find useful. Tweet when you think of it. Strive to spend a dedicated hour on social media each day and then follow up as needed. If you get “mentioned” on twitter six hours later go ahead and reply. Now you can even schedule your social media posts in advance using free online tools like hootsuite, tweetdeck and siesmic.

3. Move up the intimacy chain.

The image below is a great illustration of how modern relationships work. We all know the best advertising is word of mouth and thanks to modern social networks you have an incredible opportunity to establish real relationships with real customers, who will then become your champion and advocate. This type of connection was once only available to the few charismatic business owners who can talk to anyone. In real life we aren’t all as social as we appear online. Use the security of this new world to engage!

social media intimacy infographic

Who Should Socialize

Social media isn’t just for Starbucks. It turns out small businesses actually stand to gain the most. The results of social media efforts can be very tangible for small businesses. A local organic market can blog and tweet about the blueberries that just arrived and within hours be completely sold out. If you have or know someone who has a retail shop give this a try. It’s really pretty cool.