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Evolved Mommy | April 18, 2015

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Spring #GIVEAWAY: Scosche boomBottle Wireless Speaker - Evolved Mommy

Spring #GIVEAWAY: Scosche boomBottle Wireless Speaker
Stephanie McCratic

No matter where you live I promise Spring is coming. I swear. You may not remember how to dress for this warmer weather since it’s been sooooo freaking long, but I am here to help get you in the mood thanks to my friends at AT&T.

This special wireless speaker is portable, durable, weatherproof and designed to fit even in the bottle cage of your bike. I’m not sure how that last part will play out, though. Visions of moms on bikes bumpin’ to Jay-Z, riding down the suburban block are a little disturbing (not to say I won’t be one of them). Maybe we can all play “Happy” by Pharrell and get the neighborhood dancing.

The handy carabiner makes it the perfect glamping accessory. Just hang it from the the inside of a tent, a tree limb or your hammock.

Even better, pop it in the cup holder of your boat. If you have a boat. Can I come hang out on your boat?

Scosche boomBottle wireless speaker
The Scosche boomBOTTLE $139

A rugged, weatherproof, wireless speaker that fits right inside your bicycle water bottle cage. boomBOTTLE has been designed to bring entertainment outdoors. This wireless Bluetooth media speaker is weatherproof and durable, allowing you to take your music virtually anywhere.
Remarkable Sound
Dual 40mm drivers and passive subwoofer produce impressive audio and improved acoustics. The omnidirectional speaker cone sends music in all directions.
Integrated Music Controls
Easily control play, pause, track forward/backward, adjust volume, and more with the integrated controls.
Built-in Power
A rechargeable lithium-polymer battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous music playback.
This dynamic speaker also includes a built-in microphone, making boomBOTTLE an enhanced speakerphone for your smartphone. Enjoy rich, clear audio and the option of phone conversations when needed.
Use It Anywhere
boomBOTTLE fits in most water bottle cages and cup holders, and wirelessly streams audio to your device. Additionally, the 3.5mm auxiliary input has also been included for connecting other devices when wireless capabilities aren’t needed.


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  2. Comment below letting me know where you shared it. Bonus entry if you tell me where you’ll use your boomBottle.

Giveaway ends at midnight CDT on 3/24/14. Winner announced the next day here on the blog and notified by email.

Good luck!



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  1. this was the coolest thing….saw it on fb!

  2. Michelle

    Shared on FB :). I’d use this at work to override the Muzak :)

  3. Shared on FB and Twitter. I would use this poolside and while digging in the dirt – time to grow some food!

  4. I shared on twitter! I would basically use this speaker everywhere!

  5. I’m sharing on Twitter and I can’t wait to use this when we host a baby shower next month in the backyard of our first home.

  6. Robin Aprea

    Shared in Facebook! I need this!!!!!

  7. Tina Lee

    Shared! We would use it on the deck!

  8. KellyZ

    I FBed this badboy. I can totally see this providing a soundtrack to my general running amok and dancing the Happy dance! I can’t necessarily promise you pontoon privileges like Angie (though I am hella resourceful), but maybe it could offer the soundtrack for some crazy patio food fest I am always game for cookin’ up…. :)

  9. Shared on FB, G+, and Twitter! This thing is going with me to the hotel I stay in for work every week, but more importantly it’ll go with me on my FRIEND’S pontoon boat that he so graciously invites me to every summer (I’ll look into wrangling you an invite too.)

  10. Jim Lipscomb

    I would use this in the patio

  11. Jim Lipscomb

    G+ Share as Jim Lipscomb

  12. Bert

    I would use it when we go to the park or road trips

  13. Bert

    Shared on google+

  14. Amy Kelsey

    I shared on Facebook and will use the boomBOTTLE in my yard, at the lake, when I travel…

  15. Stacy

    I shared it on facebook! I would so use the boomBOTTLE in the back yard while gardening and/or playing with the kids. I would probably use it almost everywhere to be honest. I think I could hook a strap to it and attach it to something where ever I go. ;)

  16. That would definitely go in my bike bottle cage. I’d outfit my wheels in LED lights and go FULL ON DISCO PARTY on the bike. yep. I have a plan. Shared on my blog facebook page and twitter

  17. Kelly D

    I would use this out on our deck while my kids are playing.

  18. MaryJane

    I would love to try this! I’ll share on Facebook!

  19. Heather Judd

    Sounds like a good thing for those long days at the baseball field! Shared on fb

  20. Dani

    Ooo! Great giveaway! This would make the BEST gardening accessory! Simon and Garfunkel (don’t judge) would be fabulous weeding companions! I could even see clipping this to the trampoline so the kids could jump to their favorite tunes. Most likely their music of choice would be the Frozen soundtrack… Who am I kidding… That’s probably what I would be weeding to as well. ;)

  21. Carrie Hirmer

    I’m sure my daughter would end up with it if I won it. :-)

  22. Carrie Hirmer

    Shared on google +.

  23. Carrie Hirmer

    Shared on Facebook.

  24. Kathleen

    I would use it on our camping trip this summer in the campsite while we are setting up.

  25. Kathleen

    Shared on FB!

  26. Tiff Haas

    Shared on fb and pinterest :)

  27. Tiff Haas

    I would use it my boys room to make putting away laundry happier! Among other places ;)

  28. Rachael

    I wish I had a boat I could use this on, but I’d most likely end up using it while working in the flower beds or a possible camping trip

  29. Marilyn Nawara

    I would use this outside in the backyard by the swimming pool.

  30. Sam Cheatham

    I will use this in the back yard.

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