How to start a blog STEP 3: Write

Now that you’re set up with a blog, let’s talk about why we are here in the first place… the writing.

At first, the words come easy because they’ve been waiting to get, but inevitably you will get stuck. Good news! It happens to everyone and there is a solution.

PRO TIP: There will always be housekeeping to do on your site, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is write.

There will always be upkeep on your site, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to write.

Writing for your blog is entirely personal, and a pretty big commitment.

This blog, for example, has changed over the years, and the only common thread is me. My voice, style, opinion, and personality are uniquely my own.

My goals for the site have also changed. EvolvedMommy has gone from being a personal journal to a tech blog about work, life, and blogging.

For this part, I thought the most powerful thing I could do for you would be to share some advice from some of my favorite (and rather successful) writing friends.

They are each unique in personality and content genre, so you’ll see a mix of tips. Take what you need.

The best writing advice I ever got…

Tell your own truth. Your perception is a reality, and your truth is how you experience life. In that same breath, if it’s not your truth to tell, don’t.

Be authentic. Whether you are bold and boisterous or quiet and contemplative, if you try to write in a style that is not authentic to your core your readers will sense it and your credibility will be shot. You are the only you.

Free write. It’s amazing what comes out when you just let words escape through your fingertips. Somewhere in that word vomit of a document will be a nugget of profound thought of insane humor.

Writing advice from the tribe…

Start writing about what you know. Don’t think you have to start at the beginning of a story. My background is in writing credit memos, and I apply that. Start with the easy parts and fill in the rest. – Eileen Jennings

I use a formula for creating blog posts. It actually really helps me. For my business blog I use this basic formula: Title, 10 Second Solution, Define the Problem, Share the Solution, and close it with a Call to Action- Paige Ray

Write fast. And edit. – Jackie Wolven

Read everyday. Write everyday. I read other blogs, novels, non-fiction… because you just have to know how language works; you get that from reading. – Sarah E. White

Better to be published than perfect. I try to keep my posts under 400 words, hit publish and then edit. – Terra Butler

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