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Evolved Mommy | September 17, 2019

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On Growing Strawbabies - Evolved Mommy


Y’all remember that I went to the P. Allen Smith Gardening thing, right? One of the sponsors, Corona Tools, offered those of us who attended the opportunity to take part in a little friendly competition called “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

Being the least gardeny of the gardeners at the Garden2Blog event I’m really hoping to win on “Cute” points.


The rules are simple:

1. Creatively plant the three supplied strawberry plants
2. Pray/hope/believe that they will grow (unofficial rule, btw)
3. Blog about it
4. Prove that you can grow things in small places
5. Get the most comments on your blog post
Bonus points will be given for the most prolific plants and for any rhizomes. (rhi what’s?)

Details of the shenanigans can be found here. The other bloggers will have links to their posts in the comments. You may visit them, but you may not like their Strawberries more than you like mine.

Here’s the cute.

Growing into their new home hanging from a shepherd's hook in my backyard flowerbeds.

I googled “planting strawberries” and “growing strawberries” so as not to look like a fool. Honestly, I would’ve planted them upside down.

What I learned:

1. You need to soak the dried plants. Are these bulbs? I don’t know. My plants soaked for two days because I have horrible timing and the weather got really wacky (read: tornado-y).

Corona sent 3 strawberry plants from Stark Bros. (click photo to visit Stark Bros. page). I was expecting something a little more alive-ish. More googling.


This is what they look like soaking in water.


2. Plant them. Since this contest is about small spaces I thought a container planting would be perfect. Since I’m no Master Gardener I decided my container should be cute, and since I love to do things cheap/free I thought surely there was something around the house already I could use. Look what I found!

A colander is perfect for planting Strawberries because it has great drainage. Just line the bottom with some broken pieces of old pots or a few rocks from your yard. I used 50% top soil, 50% compost and a little Jobe's Organic fertilizer. Then I used Jute twine (you could use wire) to make the cords.

Sadly there has been a loss in the family. See that big empty space? That's where my third strawberry plant was. He was doing fine one day and gone the next. I'm not sure what happened. Hopefully this isn't grounds for automatic disqualification.

This is how they look today. Quite happy in the hot, hot sun I think.

Considering the unseasonable cold, terribly tornado-y, terrentially rainy, followed by unseasonable hot weather we've had I think they're doing fabulous.




Please tell me what you think because I care and because it will help me win this contest. kthx.

Also, I’m really curious to know about strawberry growing experiences from other people. I’ve never grown them before.