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Evolved Mommy | May 22, 2019

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Rock the Pool: Summer Gadget Guide

Rock the Pool: Your Summer Gadget Guide

Summer means getting back to the pool (or lake or ocean). Make the most of this favorite summer pastime with these handy gadgets and tips.

1. Protect your iPhone:


iPhone 5 only

The slim, ultra-rugged Atlas Case has you covered for summer! It’s waterproof – up to 6 ½ feet for 1 hour. So, if it happens to get dropped in the pool or the ocean, you’re ok; Sand and Dustproof – with protective gaskets around all
essential ports including the charging port and headphone jack; and Ultra-Rugged – with tempered glass, so if it gets dropped, kicked or put to the test – again, this case is built for that.

Waterproof iphone 5 case

Even though this case is tough, the glass is clear and easy to see through so you can do everything you need to on your phone – and see it clearly.

FYI, the Atlas case comes with a warranty.

Waterproof iPhone Hack

For my budget-savvy and/or naked iPhone loving friends here’s my waterproofing hack.


2. Share Great Videos

GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition Camera

When you play hard – sometimes you want to capture it on video! Whether you’re water skiing, riding mountain bikes, playing baseball, or surfing – the GoPro camera can record the action for you!

This camera is housed in a hard, plastic, waterproof case so you just strap it on or lock it down with various accessories and you can take high-quality photos and videos – including underwater photos or video.

GoPro silver waterproof camera

The photos are actually 11 megapixels and you can shoot at a rate of 10 frames per second. It also captures sound in video, so you’re not missing anything, despite that rugged case. It’s extremely lightweight – only 2 ½ ounces – so it won’t weigh you down.

The camera has built-in WiFi, so you can control taking photos or video through your smartphone or tablet – just download the GoPro App and you’re good to go.

Video Hack

Instagram video and Vine are great alternatives if you’re not into being a pro videographer on the beach.

embed instagram videos

Click to learn how to embed Instagram videos into your blog

3. Listen to the latest ear worm

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

We’re all outside during summer – for cookouts, sporting events, parties, etc. This mobile boombox is small and wireless, so it’s easy to take it ANYWHERE! 
It fits in your purse, your beach bag….and again it’s wireless.
It’s small, but it puts out a big sound! The rechargeable battery plays up to 10 hours.

It also doubles as a speakerphone so you can take calls hands-free. It’s especially handy while relaxing poolside.

Poolside speaker

4. Protect your skin

Sun Blocker

When you’re having fun in the sun, you sometimes forget to re-apply sunscreen or drink water to hydrate yourself. Sun Blocker is your reminder for that.
The Sun Blocker app gives you the UV forecast for your location and tells you the maximum safe time you have in the sun before getting sunburned.
Locations can be manually entered or found through GPS.
Set an alarm to remind you to re-apply sunblock based on the manufacturer’s recommendation and you’re all set
It also provides current weather from your closest National Weather Service Weather Station and calculates the current heat index

Sunblocker Android app

Android Sunblocker sunscreen app

So what are your go-to summer hacks, gadgets or apps?