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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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Sweet treats for Santa, his reindeer, the elf on the shelf and mom - Evolved Mommy

Sweet treats for Santa, his reindeer, the elf on the shelf and mom Sparkly reindeer food Powdered Elf Donuts
Stephanie Funk

This week I asked my friend Amy from about the best treats to leave for Santa, the Reindeer and the elves. Amy is my go-to girl for all things food because I am lazy and don’t want to spend hours of my life searching my Pinterest boards. I pin things on Pinterest, but then never ever go back to them. That’s a different topic for a different day, though. Back to Santa…

For Santa: Candy Cane Sugar Cookie Bars

Candy Cane Sugar Cookies from Pinterest

Candy Cane Sugar Cookie bars

First, Santa gets plenty of sugar cookies and Oreos. We want to leave him something extra special for all of his hard work, so Amy recommended Candy Cane Sugar Cookie bars {RECIPE HERE}. Y’all they are like a cookie-flavored brownie cake covered in melted peppermint deliciousness.


Sparkly Reindeer Food

Sparkly reindeer food

Edible Reindeer food

The Reindeer are just as important as Santa, though, because without them how would he get to your house? They need lots of energy for all of that flying, so sprinkle some reindeer food {RECIPE HERE} in your yard to make sure Rudolph stops at your place. This recipe is great because, not only is it pretty, it’s all edible for kids and reindeer. You don’t need to clean it out of the grass because it will disappear on it’s own quickly. (NOTE TO MOMS: Sprinkle a little just inside your door or in front of the fireplace after the kids have gone to bed because sometimes reindeer leave messy tracks).


Elf Donuts

Powdered Elf Donuts

Powdered Elf Donuts for your Elf on the Shelf

Biscuit has been a busy Elf on the Shelf this year, going back and forth from the North pole and getting into all sorts of interesting situations just before Charlie gets up every morning. We know he has a long trip back home, so Amy suggested a snack for the road. Elf donuts {RECIPE HERE} are possibly the cutest food on all of the Internet. (NOTE TO MOMS: These tiny donuts do not require a microscopic deep fryer. They are just cheerios shaken in powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar or dipped in melted chocolate morsels)./td>


For Mom: Slow cooker hot chocolate

Slow cooker hot chocolate

Slow cooker hot chocolate

Mom you’ve worked hard! I think you deserve a special treat. How about some sinful slow cooker hot cocoa {RECIPE HERE}? Enjoy a mug full while you watch dad try to interpret the “simple” assembly illustrations. This recipe is also fantastic for holiday parties, but don’t drink to much or your News Years Resolution will be losing the 10 pounds you gained Christmas Eve night.

What treat(s) do you leave under the tree? A pop tart? Oreos? Homemade sugar cookies?