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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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Tech Mamas on a Farm - Evolved Mommy

Earlier this week I spent the day at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm in Roland, Arkansas, which sits on the banks of the Arkansas river and is absolutely stunning.

Entrance to P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm

Yep. We're in the right spot.

Roadtrip with Oureverydaydinners, afterthebubbly, nwafoodie and evolvedmommy

Because we are effing nuts, the NWA girls decided it would be fine to drive down and back in one day. It's 3 hours each way, FYI. We laughed the whole way. I would go on a road trip across the country with this girls.

I was there along with 19 other bloggers as a guest of Allen’s to learn about the Arkansas Soybean Council.

Arkansas women bloggers and CountryOutfitter Ariat boots

When we get to meet each other in real life we have a great time. Arkansas women bloggers are a very supportive and fun group. Click this picture to go to the ARWB website.

This is the second year I’ve gone to Moss Mountain, and honest to God I’d move in if I could even though there is limited wi-fi. It is the idyllic country farm. The house is only a few years old, but is designed to look over 100 years old. The tree in the front yard is actually 300+ years old, though.

300 year old tree at moss mountain farm

I wish I'd gotten a better picture of this tree. She's literally 300 years old, and possibly THE perfect climbing tree.

My heritage is concrete, not farming. Popo (that was my great-grandpa) grew tomatoes in buckets in the backyard because we lived in the city, so this all very foreign, and until my first visit to the farm last year, not very interesting to me.

p. allen smith at moss mountain farm

P. Allen Smith welcoming us all to our, err... his, home.

But the first time I met Allen I knew I wanted to learn more about growing things, especially food.

Jim Carroll Arkansas Soybean farmer

This is what a real farmer looks like. He sounds like a real farmer, too.

Jim Carroll is a real-life soy bean farmer who came to talk to us about farming. He told stories about the parts store, and taking his grandson out on the fields with him, and how combines have become computerized, and what it’s been like for him to learn about email, and dealing with homeland security for his Mexican workers and more. The man could tell a story.

He is passionate about farming. We all understood that by the time we left yesterday. Even though it isn’t in my heritage I would love to find a way to make sure Charlie knows how to grow her own food.

backyard raised bed gardens

Which is why my backyard look like this. I wasn't raised this way. I should have beautiful landscaping over there.

Bluegrass band at Moss Mountain farm

At the end of the day there was a bluegrass band, including this guy, who played the plunger. Oh yes he did.

Some of y’all know that I work for Acumen Brands, which a quirky e-commerce company on tech mountain in Fayetteville, Arkansas, full of child geniuses. One of our stores is Well, at the last minute I talked our CEO, John James, into giving all the bloggers Ariat cowgirl boots for their trip to the farm. Of course, I was the one person who forgot to bring socks. It turned out okay, though. They were comfortable all day. Not a single blister! Thanks John.

Ariate Heritage boots

So a few of us picked the same boots. Maybe it was because we liked the name. These are the Ariat Heritage boot in Brown Oiled Rowdy. 😉

Thanks Allen for sharing your home with us. Thanks Jim for sharing your stories. We created some of our own to share with our kids.

Lela (AftertheBubbly), Me, Amy (OurEverydayDinners), Lyndi (NWAFoodie) & Kelly (KellysKorner)

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