Kids Tech Tip: Secure Your Child’s Online Identity

Those of you who have emails like may not get the importance of this, but those of us who have our real name as our email address know what a treasure it is to own that little piece of internet real estate.

When my name was Stephanie Johnson I didn’t stand a chance.

There are five gajillion Stephanie Johnsons in Arkansas alone, so my Gmail address was (and still is because I still have it) ridiculously long and terribly hard to remember for people who don’t know me that well.

When I became Stephanie McCratic things got a little easier.

I’m not sure there is another Stephanie McCratic in this world. If there is, I bet she lives in Lincoln, Arkansas, though. Somehow the McCratics seem to have contained themselves geographically.

The other day Steve told me he had secured our daughter’s name and several variations thereof for her as Gmail accounts.


I married a smart man, y’all. He also got her a .me (or .icloud or .mac or whatever the current Apple email structure is). Fancy!

Assuming Google is still alive and well in a few years, we will probably give those email addresses to our now three-year-old as a birthday gift.

For what birthday I’m not sure. 10? 13? 7? I don’t know, but at least she won’t have to come up with something like

how to set up a gmail for your kids

Our daughter’s name is fairly unique, but just in case we went ahead and bought her domain name (or URL), too. You can register domain names for up to 10 years at a time.

I’m thinking this would make a fun baby shower gift, but I could be wrong on that one. Maybe that’s weird to buy someone else a domain name.

Either way, you should at least consider taking care of your own kids and family.

If your baby has an adorable name like Grace Ann Smith and that .com is available SNATCH IT UP because if you don’t Grace Ann Smith down the road has a daddy who is just as geeky fabulous as my husband.

Before you know it that URL will be gone and your little princess will have to be instead of the much cuter

If you get your child a domain there are free tools you can use to put a generic message up if you’d like, but you don’t have to put anything at all on the domain.

Just be sure to keep that login info in an app like 1Password or on a piece of paper in your lockbox.

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