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Evolved Mommy | May 21, 2018

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Finally an iPad case for the modern mom - Evolved Mommy

The general rules in iPhone and iPad case design over the last few years (or since the existence of these technological wonders) have been that the case must:

1. look like it belongs on a constructions zone (see the very-popular Otter Box),

2. be very masculine OR

4. have a “Hello Kitty” or other pre-teen motif

No longer, friends! I have discovered something wonderful. Walking out of Dillard’s the other day I spotted the most glorious iPad and iPhone cases I have ever seen. Then, today, in a local gift shop, there they were again. Oh, please God, let these have staying power.

A company called Tech Candy has produced iPhone and iPad cases that are stylish, modern and fully functional.

Each of these cases comes with two different colored rubber inserts so you can freely change your case with your mood. Already, I’m thinking this company gets me. The outer shell is a hard plastic.

Tech Candy Bordeaux platinum case set

Bordeaux Platinum iPhone 4 case set

I don’t let Charlie play with my iPhone because, well, I need it to not be broken. We do, however, let her play games on the iPad. Mostly, because we want her to be completely comfortable with this technology and it is fascinating to watch her explore it. The concern now, though, is that we have hardwood and ceramic tile floors. For the most part she sits on the couch to play with the iPad, but not always.

The iPad needs a protective case with a two-year-old, but it’s an original iPad, not an iPad 2 with that fancy attached cover.

The only downside is that they are a touch pricey (iPad case is $48). No matter. I’ve been a good girl this year Santa.

Tech Candy iPad Barcelona case for the modern mom

Tech Candy Barcelona iPad case