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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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Tempo Calendar App Review

Favorite: Tempo Calendar App

| On 29, May 2013

It’s been a while now since I first heard of the much-buzzed-about new Tempo Calendar App.  It’s one of many new iOS calendar apps (calendar and weather apps are the new hot items) vying for their stake in the almighty marketshare among iPhone users.

tempo calendar app tempo app reviewtempo calendar app

This one was a standout before it was ever released, and had generated a significant amount of buzz among my techie friends.

This particular app came from SRI, the people that first created Siri.  One thing that these folks are obsessed with is improving our lives through interaction with technology, and Tempo falls right in line with that goal.  In addition to the usual bells and whistles that other app makers have integrated into their calendar apps: contact integration; notifications, alerts, and alarms, Google/iCloud integration, etc, Tempo goes a bit further. Even the things that some of the other apps do, Tempo does better.

What the Tempo Calendaring App Does

  • Since it’s made by the same folks that originally began developed Siri, (and because it integrates with the iPhone calendar) it plays very well with both and can take orders from Siri
  • When your calendar events have a location tied to them, tempo not only brings up driving directions, it also gives you estimated arrival times and can even send a message if you’re running late
  • As Tempo also integrates with your email accounts, it can display emails that pertain to events in your calendar
  • If your the type that partakes in the occasional conference call, Tempo can even save your passcode and dial in for you
  • It can even open almost any document attachment
  • Connect with Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, and emails such as iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, and Exchange

So what are you waiting for?

When Tempo was first released, demand for it was so intense that they relied on a reservation system, much like the super popular Mailbox app, both have since done away with that, so you no longer have to wait.  go download Tempo now and tell me what you think in the comments!