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Evolved Mommy | October 16, 2019

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Thank you MOPs group!

Thank you MOPS!

| On 05, Apr 2013

mops logoThis morning I got to speak to the same MOPs group that made me feel like I belonged and I was not alone in the very scary journey that was being a new mom in a new town.

The Rogers MOPs, is dear to my heart because they distracted me, entertained me, strengthened me and comforted me four years ago when I felt like I was quite literally falling off a cliff every. single. day.

Those women gave me a peace and confidence four years ago, and today they filled my heart with laughter as I shared my experiences with blogging and social media marketing since leaving them.

We talked about my brief stint in MLM sales with Premier Jewelry and then Stella & Dot, and what I learned from that. We talked about Country Outfitter. We talked about thinking big, and just starting somewhere. We even talked about Math.

And then they gave me this shirt, which is quite possibly the coolest shirt I’ve ever been given…

rogers mops tshirt

There are MOPs groups all over the country. In fact, after a couple years in the Rogers MOPs group I got together a couple of my girlfriends and started a group closer to home. Rogers was, after all, a 45-minute commute from my house at the time. The women in the  Fayetteville MOPs group are some of my very best friends.