The Art of Grilling: Keep it Simple

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We grill year-round, but there’s something about summer and the freedom of being able to be outside almost every night that opens up the possibilities of trying new recipes, trying new methods.

And taking risks with the family meal that you might not otherwise take because, worst-case scenario, with a good grill you can still have burgers and hot dogs ready in minutes if something goes wrong.

This past Wednesday night was one of those where I was counting hot-dogs before I ever even lit the grill because I was a little apprehensive about the recipe that our daughter had picked from the Kenmore cookbook: Nana’s Pizza on a Stick.

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It’s simple really. You take pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, and pearl onions, skewer them and wrap them with canned pizza dough covered in cheese. Wrap it all around the skewer and pinch it together.

Pizza kabobs recipe

I wasn’t confident about how these would turn out on the grill, but they were a blast to make with our five years old. (She insisted that her’s had NO onions.)

Grilled pizza on a stick recipe

Our junior chef helped with the entire preparation process (disclaimer: DO NOT LET SMALL CHILDREN DO ANY OF THE PARTS THAT TAKE PLACE ABOVE ROOM TEMPERATURE! When the grill is involved there’s fire and fire and even some fire.

In fact, it never hurts to tell them that playing with fire will make them wet the bed) She even suggested that I should do something to keep the uncooked pizza sticks from sticking to the plate before I transferred them to the grill.

I took her advice and brushed them with olive oil and then threw them on over indirect heat (good grills have a place to do this) with a few wood chips in a smoker box to give them a perfect wood-fired, almost brick oven flavor.

Notice how I said “perfect” just twelve words ago?

No exaggeration, these things turned out amazing!

Grilling pizza kabobs

Tip: To pick up skewers on the grill grab them with the holes on your grill tools

Grilled Pizza on a stickGrilled thin crust pizza on a stick

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Father's day grill

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