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Evolved Mommy | December 19, 2018

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The FitBit is a hit, as I Feel a Bit More Fit - Evolved Mommy

Disclaimer:  It’s me, EvolvedDaddy again.  If you’re here for the perfectly quirky style that you see in my wife’s writing, be warned: She write more good.

Disclaimer from Stephanie: I regularly mention to Steve (evolved daddy) the gabillion health benefits of exercise. He usually rolls his eyes and wanders off. But now that there is a tech gadget involved he’s suddenly very interested. Whatever it takes, y’all. Whatever it takes.

It Starts with My Tunnel Vision

Stephanie here again: Let me translate. By “Tunnel Vision” Steve means the absolute fixation he has on whatever shiny tech object has caught his attention. The tunnel vision remains in effect until he owns said piece of technology. Then he develops tunnel vision for something new. Carry on.

So AT&T sent us a handful of devices to try out in order to review and provide real-world feedback.  I took notice when Stephanie opened the box and inside was a FitBit Ultra.  I’ve had my eye on one of these for some time, and had even been stopped twice in my tracks from making an impulse buy by the wife, so I couldn’t wait to try it.  After some discussion, she reluctantly agreed that I could review the FitBit only after submitting at least one other post.  (See, it’s already motivating me.)

The FitBit Ultra is amazingly easy to set up.  Plug in the USB Dock, create a profile at, and BLAMMO!, you’re ready to run, or in my case ready to simply monitor the things that you do each day.  What is a FitBit you say? Let me rewind.  It’s billed as a wireless activity monitor and sleep tracker.  The latter is my favorite part, as it’s something that I need little motivation to do.

As long as the USB dock is connected, when the unit gets near it, it updates your Dashboard.  The Dashboard is where you go to look at all of the information that this tiny belt clip is aggregating about you as the day, and night transpire.  It counts your steps, the number of floors that you climb, the overall distance that you travel, and even estimates the number of calories that you burn.

Today I climbed the giant Jesus in Rio (not the smaller, yet still quite large replica in Eureka Springs, AR), according to the FitBit. Now I kind of want to go to Rio (hear that Rio Board of Tourism?).

FitBit climbed

I climbed the what?

Oh right. Thanks Wikipedia (and thanks for the link FitBit).

Rio Jesus

Not the one in Eureka Springs, AR (although, that one is pretty big)


Then, when it’s time to climb into the biscuit for the night, you press and hold the only button on the device and it enters sort of a stopwatch mode, and monitors how quickly you fall asleep (become relatively motionless), how often you wake up, and calculates your sleep efficiency.

Wait, What? It Grades Me on My Sleeping?

Really? Yup, it works by measuring the periods of stillness vs. how much you toss and turn.  If you’re like me, you can even increase the sensitivity so it confirms the suspicions that you have about not sleeping well.

Here’s Where the Scale Weighs in

One of the best features of the FitBit system is the ability to taylor it to your individual goals.  When you create your profile, you enter your height, weight, and level of activity.  You can also enter your goal weight, as well as how quickly you want to reach that goal.  Throw in the nifty food logging ability, and it helps you reach those goals.  The good news here is that you can log what you eat on their iPhone App, even if you haven’t been anywhere near the docking station.  It’ll reconcile things the next time you  sync, and let you know how you’re doing, and even how many more calories you can eat that day.  I use this as a dare.  Want to take it a step further?  Step onto their custom scale, the Aria.  From what I understand, it syncs with the app and Dashboard as well to give you an even more comprehensive look at how you’re doing.

Verdict? You Want One, but Not This One. You want the One

The FitBit Ultra is for me the best activity monitor that I’ve played with, and I’d buy one in a minute if there weren’t a product available for preorder that one-ups the Ultra.  Luckily for FitBit, they will still get my money.  They have a new model available later this month called the FitBit One.  What makes it so much better?  Bluetooth.  The One eliminates the need for the USB dock that I mentioned earlier.  It can connect and transmit data directly to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

I’ll definitely keep using the FitBit.  I’m hooked and have been since the first day.  I’m hoping to keep using the test unit until pre-orders for the FitBit One start shipping, because the wife hasn’t quite shut me down on that one.


Didn’t Steve do great? He’s officially a blogger. 😉

Okay, so what do y’all think of the FitBit? Stay tuned: more tech gadget reviews are coming over the next few days as part of our Fitness Tech Week.

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