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Evolved Mommy | April 25, 2015

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The Mom Bikini: Real or Myth - Evolved Mommy

I haven’t worn a bikini since 2003, and even then it was for one fleeting weekend when I was feeling unreasonably confident. The pictures from that trip say so. We were at the beach, I was feeling all hawt and thin. In reality my belly was pudgy and I had no business in a two-piece. At least it was the off-season and the only person who saw me was the West Indies bartender.

Is it a ridiculous goal to want to wear one again? Here I am 35 years old, and trying to loose a significant spare tire off my middle. Even if I do shed said spare tire won’t the skin just hang there like a flap?
I mean, is it possible to have a flat tummy again really? Without Photoshop?

Or should I be content to live the rest of my life wearing tankinis and one-piece swimsuits? Am I done forever with the bikini? Should I just let the idea go?

The internal conflict is this:

If I let it go then I have given up. But if I continue to fight for the bikini am I setting myself up for failure? For something that is unattainable, and unreasonable expectation?

Which is worse? Which is better?


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  2. Do it! Wear it! Keep a coverup close by if you need a security blanket… but fling it off, my friend!! You are beautiful and confident. :)


    • Evolved Mommy

      You’re a nut!

  3. Fight for the bikini. Fight for a healthy weight and wear a tankini anyway. Do what makes you feel good out there in bathing suit hell where women feel the most exposed. Wear what will allow you to still have fun. I personally don’t care if I ever wear a bikini again. I am happy with my tankinis. I’m a mom and I will wear my mom bathing suit proudly. Now where did I put those jeans with the elastic waistband and no back pockets?

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