The Most Pointless Blog Post Ever

Life update: I’m taking some time off work and doing some soul searching. Part of my process during this leave of absence is daily writing. Every morning I exercise first, then write. Most of it is stream of consciousness word vomit; just letting the words escape my brain through my fingertips.

Today, though, for the first time in a year, I had a tinge of desire to write a blog post. Instead of overthinking what to write it seemed like a fun idea to just share my discoveries of the day with you.

None of these links are sponsored or affiliate links, btw. 

My neighbor Joel (who is my walking / running buddy in the mornings) has just educated me about SmartWool socks and now I MUST have them. Although, I can’t remember why. He did make a strong argument, though. Clearly.

 smartwool women's running sock

This gorgy art from my friends at Howse (Hi MaryBeth!)

Custom abstract art at Howse Bentonville

A home at Black Apple Pocket Community in Bentonville. It’s nearly tiny house living with the entire focus on community. Swoon.

Black Apple Pocket Community Bentonville, AR

Fresh Market $20 meals. They’re called Little Big Meals and my bestie Julie enlightened me about them. Every week Fresh Market puts together a meal for $20. You get everything you need: salad, meal ingredients and desert for a family of four. This week it’s burgers w/ Caesar salad, brioche bread, fresh cheese and Crispy Cookies. Obvi we’re having burgers tonight.

Fresh Market $20 meals

That’s it. That’s all. I blogged. Thanks for reading me.

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