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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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This man is my everything - Evolved Mommy

This man is my everything
Stephanie Funk

A few days ago we found out our 2 week old daughter has a very serious infection in her blood, which meant a hospital stay.

Ok. That’s hard.

40 weeks pregnant blogger evolvedmommy

Just a day or two before we delivered


But then everything got turned up a notch when we were transferred from our regional hospital to Arkansas Children’s Hospital three hours away.

Evolved Mommy ambulance ride to ACH

Our long and very real trip to Children’s hospital.

EvolvedMommy at Washington Regional Medical Center

She hadn’t gotten worse necessarily, but after three days of IV antibiotics she hadn’t gotten better either.

And she should have.

So we are at ACH, one of the best Children’s hospitals in the country. She will be well cared for, and so will we.

ITU unit at Arkansas Children's Hospital

But you know what… the severity of the situation became so much more palpable when we were sent to this better hospital.

For the most part I feel like I’m handling things well, but then (usually in the early morning hours just before the sun comes up) I get emotional. Really emotional. And I cry it out.

I can't adult today

Today I looked over at this guy…

Sleeping dad at Arkansas Children's Hospital

and I was so full of gratitude for his complete devotion to us that it calmed me from the soul out.

He fights for our daughters without hesitation and holds me tight when I cry.

He makes me laugh and he makes me proud.

And he plays “Guess that meat” with me every night when they bring dinner.

Guess that Meat

He even did a pretty darn good job of packing our things for this trip by himself while I waited for the ambulance transfer (h/t to our medic who is also my BIL Doug).

Thanks Steve. You’re a pretty fantastic dad. 😉

Steve and Piper at Arkansas Children's Hospital

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