The Myth of Time Management

I’m a busy girl. I have a couple of businesses of my own, I work with others on their businesses, and I’m also a homeschool mom of two…life is hectic. I like it that way.

I’m often asked how I manage my time and accomplish so much. This makes me laugh.      Hysterically.  There is no magic button, unfortunately.

The fact is that I don’t manage my time. I quit that ages ago.

Time management is a myth and here’s why: stuff happens. Stuff you can’t control, stuff you can control, other people, kids, pets, clients, sickness, computer malfunctions, whatever….life happens. And when life happens, your schedule gets screwed up, you get stressed out, and that makes the situation worse. So I don’t manage my time – I prioritize.

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What I have learned to do is make a list – even if it’s just in my head – of things that need to be accomplished this month, this week, and daily for each area of my life.

For example, this week I need to…

  • order marketing materials for an app that just launched, work with a company to get their database information together,
  • write a couple blog posts, get my personal blog up and going,
  • and lay on the beach. (Because I’m on vacation, but still have a little work to get done!)
  • The kids want to parasail, swim, and eat as much ice cream as humanly possible.
  • Marketing materials need to be delivered,
  • beta testing of app needs to be done,
  • database needs to up and fully functional,
  • and the homeschool “list of things we want to learn or that interests us” needs to be done.

Daily, I get up early, workout, do a Bible study, and look at my list of meetings and who needs to be where. It’s not really that hard. The main thing is to chill out. Be flexible.

“Oh, well, “ I say to myself. “That will just have to be done tomorrow.”

Time Management Key Showing Organizing Schedule Online

Now, don’t take that to mean that I procrastinate. I don’t. At all. If you text me, you’ll get a text back. If you email me, you’ll get a response. If you need something done, it will be taken care of.

I don’t let things pile up and I make sure things are done in a timely manner.

BUT…if a meeting needs to be rescheduled or someone gets sick, so be it. Life will go on.

I have an extremely type A personality, but as I muddle my way through life, I’m realizing it’s more effective to just…stop. Stop stressing. Stop planning.

Stop trying to make life flow in the direction I think it should go. Going with the current is always easier than fighting it.

Speaking of flowing, I’m going to go jump in the waves with the kids. I can work later.


headshot   Jen Adair is Operations Manager for Acorn: an influence company, blogger at Slightly Tilted, homeschool mom….blah, blah, blah. I could write more, but don’t have the time.

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